24 Feb 2023

Anu Taila Of Patanjali Effective In Treatment Of Black Fungus, Research Published In Oxford University Journal: Balakrishna

Haridwar: Patanjali Research Institute has declared Anu Taila in black fungus as authentic medicine. On this occasion, Acharya Balkrishna said that thousands of years old classical medicine of Ayurveda 'Anu Taila' was found to be very effective against Cunninghamella Bertholletiae of black fungus disease. Cunninghamella Bertholletiae is a rare, fast-growing, invasive mucorella black fungus, the Anu Taila prevents its spores from growing, Balkrishna said.

We have done extensive research on this and Oxford University Press has published Vedic taxonomy of plants in Devanagiri script for the first time.

Anu Taila is made from a combination of many herbs

Anu Taila is made from a combination of many herbs with multifarious benefits. Its application has been known to cure diseases of head, neck, shoulders, eyes, nose, ear, skin, throat and hair. Application in affected area gives relief from symptoms of ailments in these organs. It also inhibits the germination of spores.

Anu Taila effectively inhibited oxidative state of fungus

Acharya said that the scientists of Patanjali Research Institute found in the research that the Anu Taila effectively inhibited the oxidative state of the fungus. It prevents the spores of this fungus from germinating, and also provides strength to our healthy cells to fight against this infection.

Research published in world's leading microbiology journal

Dr. Anurag Varshney, Chief Scientist of Patanjali Research Institute, told that this modern research has been published in Oxford University's journal 'Letters in Applied Microbiology' ( We have presented this after scientific evidence. And the world's leading microbiology journal has published it prominently.

Acharya Balakrishna said that this is our second international research publication on Anu Taila and the microbiology team of Patanjali Research Institute keeps on doing such new research daily. We will further strengthen Ayurveda's scientific approach to human health by bringing forward more scientific research.

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