24 Feb 2023

PM Modi's Road Show In Meghalaya: Said- I Will Repay Debt Of Your Love By Developing The State

Shilliong: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended election rallies in Nagaland and Meghalaya.

PM Modi said in Shillong, Meghalaya that when I think of Meghalaya, I think of talented people, vibrant traditions, amazing natural beauty. The music of Meghalaya is alive. They have passion for football. There is creativity in every corner of Meghalaya.

When I think of Meghalaya, I think of talented people, and vibrant traditions. I am here with a message of hope and development. India is scaling new heights of success and Meghalaya is making a strong contribution to it. We want to build it further and work for the state," PM Modi said.

PM said- I will repay the debt of your love and blessings by developing Meghalaya, I will repay by speeding up your welfare work. I will not let this love of yours go in vain.

Some people who have been rejected by the country, who have lost hope... Nowadays they are saying that- Modi, your grave will be dug. But the country is saying, every corner of the country is saying – Modi, your lotus will bloom.

Meghalaya wants a govt with People First, not Family First 

The Prime Minister said – BJP is visible everywhere in Meghalaya. Be it mountainous or plain area... be it village or city, lotus is seen blooming everywhere. Today, Meghalaya wants a government with People First instead of Family First, so today 'lotus flower' has become synonymous with strength, peace and stability of Meghalaya. 

"Be it youth, women, traders, or government servants, everyone is asking for a BJP government. The sentiment in support of BJP in Meghalaya, as well as North East, is a result of the selfish act by a few families. Meghalaya's interests were never given priority."

Modi said further, "You were divided on small issues. This politics has done you a lot of harm... It has done a lot of harm to the youth here." 

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