23 Feb 2023

Bhojpuri Singer Neha Singh Rathore In Controversy Again, Served Notice Over Song Attacking Kanpur Dehat Police

Lucknow: Kanpur Dehat police serve notice to Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore over satirical’song attacking UP governmentThe police has issued a notice 4 days ago to Neha Singh Rathore, a folk singer who came into the limelight after singing UP Mein Ka Ba… 

Neha sang the song "UP Mein Ka Ba Season-2" after a woman and her daughter were burnt alive in Kanpur Dehat during removal of encroachment. In the song, while referring to the incident, she targeted the government and the administration.

Neha presented her side

Now Neha Rathore has come live on Facebook with the Constitution and presented her stand. Neha said that you must be aware that due to the negligence of the administration, a mother and her daughter died of burs in UP. I sang a song on this. And this infuriated the UP police. And a notice was served to me.

Akhilesh Yadav tweets

Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav has made a tweet in this matter. He has taunted the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. The lines of the tweet have been kept similar to the song UP Mein Ka Ba.. by famous folk singer Neha Singh Rathore. 

On the other hand, Congress spokesperson Surendra Rajput said that the BJP government is denying freedom of expression to folk artists! Does Neha not have freedom of expression?

Neha Rathore said that the UP police treated us like criminals. UP Police was trapping us like criminals. As if we are criminals.

Video was posted on 16 February

Neha Rathore posted a video of about 1.09 minutes on February 16, titled "UP Mein Ka Baa Season 2". In the video, Neha Singh Rathore criticized the state government by referring to the incident in Kanpur Dehat and mentioned the name of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. 

Questions have been raised on the working style of the Uttar Pradesh government and the police in the case of the death of the mother and daughter during the removal of the encroachment. While answering the notice, Neha made it clear that she asks questions and will continue to do so. 

Neha accused of inciting hatred

Neha has received a notice from the Kanpur Dehat Police of UP. Police handed over this notice on Tuesday, Neha is accused of spreading hatred among the public through video. In fact, recently, during the bulldozer action of the administration in Kanpur Dehat, mother-daughter were burnt to death. On this, Neha had taunted the BJP government through her folk songs. The police of Kanpur Dehat has issued a notice considering this song as hate mongering.

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