23 Feb 2023

MCD Standing Committee Elections: BJP, AAP Members Clash; Uproar Continued In House Whole Night

New Delhi:
After the mayoral election in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Wednesday, the standing committee elections began on Wednesday evening. After this, the BJP, AAP members clashed and an uproar started in the House.

Actually, even though the Mayor is the head of the MCD, many important powers are with the Standing Committee and without its approval, the work cannot be done on its own. 

In such a situation, soon after the election of the Mayor, the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP gave full strength to the Standing Committee.

Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh held a press conference amidst the uproar over the standing committee elections. He said that till the election of the Standing Committee is done, we will continue to sit in the MCD House. 

Water and bottles were thrown

AAP and BJP members started fighting. Among them there were male councilors as well as women councilors. Mike was broken. There was a scuffle among the councillors. Water and bottles were thrown at each other.

Councilors showered kicks and punches on each other. Bottles were thrown in the House and ballot boxes were overturned.

 BJP councilors tried to attack me: Shelly

Shelly Oberoi said that BJP councilors tried to attack her. This is the limit of hooliganism of BJP, they tried to attack a woman mayor.

The uproar continued in the House till late Wednesday night. The councilors of both the parties fell asleep in the house. Its pictures also came to the fore.

Proceedings were repeatedly adjourned

The proceedings of the House were repeatedly adjourned. Slogans of 'dictatorship will not work' echoed. 

Big leaders of BJP and AAP also came to guide the corporators. Hanuman Chalisa was read amidst the hue and cry. The whole night passed like this but the MCD Standing Committee members could not be elected. 

On Thursday morning, after breakfast, the election process started again, but due to the ruckus, the proceedings were adjourned again for an hour. The proceedings of the House were adjourned 6 times from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning.

Cost of damage will be recovered

Delhi Mayor Shelly said, "The cost of the damage caused in the MCD's Civic Center from Wednesday to Thursday in the house will be recovered by watching the video footage. The damage will be recovered from the person who has done it."

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