27 Feb 2023

Budget Session Of MP Assembly: Opposition Showed Its Attitude On Very First Day; Cong Will Also Oppose Paperless Budget; Jitu Patwari Reached With A Plough

Bhopal: The budget session of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly has started. The session began with the Governor's address. Opposition showed its attitude on the very first day. Congress MLA and former minister Jitu Patwari, who came to participate in the assembly proceedings, also brought a plough with him. 

Congress MLA Kunal Choudhary was also present with him. On his arrival with the plough, there was an uproar in the assembly premises outside the House. The security personnel tried hard to stop them.

This is our old plough - Patwari

Former minister and Congress leader Jeetu Patwari reached the assembly on Monday with a plough. He said that this is an old plough. A day before on Sunday, the Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had arrived with a Gainti in a helicopter (pick axe) to attend a programme, so we have come with a plough. Jitu Patwari wanted to take the plough inside the assembly. This led to an argument with the security personnel.

Argument with security personnel

The security personnel stopped Jeetu Patwari from carrying the plough, due to which the Congressmen created a lot of ruckus in the assembly premises. Jitu Patwari, who reached the assembly gate with a plough, said that, we have brought a plough to the demands of the farmers. 

Later, on the advice of the security personnel, he placed the plough at the feet of the statue of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi installed in the assembly premises.

Cong will oppose paperless budget

Paperless budget is to be presented for the first time in Madhya Pradesh during this budget session. For this, tablets will be given to the MLAs by the Vidhan Sabha. The Vidhan Sabha Secretariat will also conduct training to operate the tablet. Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has spoken of opposing the digital budget. 

He said, I will request the Assembly Speaker that there are MLAs from SC/ST, poor and backward classes in Madhya Pradesh. They are not fully aware of digital. This kind of process, which is not in favor of many people, instead of giving them paper, it is dictatorial to give digital budget.

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