28 Feb 2023

Deoria UP: Family Floated Boy In River After He 'Died' Of Snakebite; Then This happened After 15 Years

Deoria: The Hindi proverb 'Jako rakhe saiya, maar sake na koi' (meaning  the one who is guarded by or protected by God, cannot be killed by anyone) came true in a small village of Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh. 15 years ago a teenager was floated in the river after he apparently died of snakebite. 

Angesh Yadav, son of Ramsumer Yadav, a resident of Muraso village of Bhagalpur development block in Deoria, was bitten by a snake 15 years ago. At that time Angesh was about 12 years old. When foam came out of the mouth, the family members exorcised him, but to no avail. 

After this the family members took him to the doctor, where the doctors declared him dead! According to the belief, the relatives then floated him in the river by placing him on the stem of banana. But 15 years later Agnesh returned to his home where everyone believed that he had died long back.

Boy found him in a hut near Patna

The family members of the boy were taken aback when Angesh told that he did not know what happened 15 years back but on regaining consciousness he found that he was in a hut near Patna, Bihar. He told that a snake charmer Aman Mali cured him by exorcising. Aman took care of him and brought him up.

The young man who returned home said that on February 24 he narrated his story to a truck driver. The driver took him to Azamgarh. From there the truck reached Belthara Road in Ballia district. He told the names of some people of his native village, after which someone sent Angesh's photo to a person in the village through WhatsApp!

Youth recognized his mother

Agnesh reached Maniyar while searching for family members and villagers. There the young man recognized his mother Kamlavati Devi, aunt Sambhalavati Devi. After this, he also told the name of his teacher, the people of the nearby houses. 

Family members are thanking God for uniting them with their child who had been living away for them for so many years and who they thought had died long back. 

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