17 Feb 2023

Family Of 2 Muslim Youths Burnt Alive In Haryana Claims They Were Burnt By Cow Protectors

Bhiwani: There has been a new revelation in the case of burning two Muslim youths alive in Haryana. The family alleges that the police caught deceased Junaid and Nasir's Bolero by hitting it. 

After this they were handed over to the people of Bajrang Dal. They burnt both of them alive along with the Bolero on the suspicion of cattle smuggling. Their bodies were found on Wednesday near Loharu village of Bhiwani.

Both the deceased Junaid (35) and Nasir (28) were residents of village Ghatmika in Bharpur district of Rajasthan. This village is near Haryana border. 

Junaid's cousin Ismail has registered a case of kidnapping and assault of both at Gopalgarh police station (Bharatpur) on Wednesday. 

Both Bhiwani and Rajasthan's Bharatpur district police are engaged in the investigation. Skeletal samples of both have been taken. DNA test is being done.

The family claims that the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) team of Ferozepur-Jhirka was present at the time of the incident. Both were first severely beaten up by Bajrang Dal members. 

After this, these people took Junaid and Nasir to the police station. But the police refused to take him into custody after seeing their condition. After this the news of burning them alive along with Bolero came.

Police deny charge

On the other hand, the police have termed the allegations of the family as false. CIA incharge of Firozpur Jhirka, Virender Singh said that they have nothing to do with this matter. Neither did they catch any accused nor handed them over to the people of Bajrang Dal. They don't know why the family is making such allegations.

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