26 Feb 2023

Madhya Pradesh: BJP's JP Nadda Calls Meeting Of General Secretaries, Why CM Shivraj Met Nadda In Delhi, Is His Chair In Jeopardy?

New Delhi:
BJP President JP Nadda has called a meeting of party general secretaries with the aim of discussing the preparations for the upcoming assembly elections 2024 Lok Sabha elections as well as the G20. 

According to party sources, in the meeting of general secretaries, there will be a presentation about the BJP's position in Tripura where elections have been held. The organization will also prepare a strategy for the upcoming state assembly elections. 

Apart from Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, elections are to be held in nine states including Karnataka, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. According to party sources, BJP leaders will also brainstorm about the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year.

Will Shivraj be removed!

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also suddenly arrived in Delhi on Saturday, where he met party president JP Nadda. After calling Shivraj to Delhi before the meeting of party general secretaries, speculations have again started whether the central leadership is going to make any major changes in Madhya Pradesh. 

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached the party's national office directly from Delhi airport. He met the party's national president JP Nadda here. 

Meeting is being linked to upcoming cabinet expansion and poll preparations

The meeting between the two leaders lasted for about one and a half hours. After this CM Shivraj left for Bhopal. However, this meeting of the two leaders is being linked to the upcoming cabinet expansion and election preparations.

On the other hand, CM Shivraj tweeted that he informed Nadda about the ongoing Vikas Yatra, CM Jan Seva Abhiyan, CM Jan Seva Mitra, public welfare works going on in the state and political activities of the state. Apart from this, meaningful and affectionate guidance was received from the National President on upcoming programs in the state. 

But there is a discussion in the political circles that CM Shivraj informed the BJP top leadership about the preparations for the upcoming elections. 

The party national president is also going to visit Madhya Pradesh soon. During this, he will be involved in many programs. Along with this, he will review the preparations for the elections in the state. 

Why the meeting of Nadda and Shivraj is special

In view of the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP may partially implement the Gujarat formula in the Shivraj government. By doing this, an attempt will be made to reduce anti-incumbency. In this, those ministers can be removed, whose performance is not good. 

For the last several days the discussion of cabinet expansion is in full swing in the state. There was a discussion about the inclusion of 10 to 12 new faces in the Shivraj cabinet. 

In fact, four posts are currently vacant in the cabinet. At present there are 31 members in the cabinet including the Chief Minister. The cabinet can have 35 members including the chief minister.

Non-performing ministers can be sacked

With the filling of these four vacant posts, non-performing ministers can be changed. If there is expansion, there may be 6 to 8 vacancies among the existing ministers. Along with this, there can be a reshuffle in the departments of ministers on a large scale. This was agreed upon in the two core committees held recently. 

The complaints of some ministers had also reached the core committee. BJP took out Vikas Yatra from February 5 to 25 in the state. 

According to party sources, the final report of ministers and MLAs has been prepared on the basis of performance in the field. Party sources say that this report will also be a basis for cabinet expansion.

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