26 Feb 2023

Madhya Pradesh Shabri Mahotsav: Amit Shah's Visit To Vindhya Aimed To Woo Tribals; Can BJP Neutralize Congress Efforts In Border Chhattisgarh?

Satna: For the coming assembly and then the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the main opposition Congress are trying to woo the tribals. By organizing a programme in Satna in the border area of Vindhya, the BJP gave its message to the tribals even before the Congress could do so.

Shabri Mahotsav was organized for Kol tribal community 

It is notable that the BJP had set a target of gathering one lakh Kol tribals from all the districts of Vindhya by organizing Shabri Mahotsav for the majority Kol tribal community of Vindhya in Satna. Apart from Badhelkhand and Bundelkhand, there are a dozen tribal assembly constituencies in Mahakoshal region under Vindhya, in which Congress has also been quite influential. 

Tribal voters in all constituencies of Vindhya can play a crucial role

Along with this, the number of tribal voters in all the assembly constituencies is such that they can add to the traditional votes of the parties and play a crucial role in the outcome. BJP has been trying from the beginning under this strategy. It has also achieved good success in that. This time the efforts have been started long before the elections.

Positive atmosphere towards Cong in Chhattisgarh will have an effect

Experts say that Vindhya region is directly connected with Chhattisgarh. The welfare measures taken by the Congress government of Chhattisgarh for the tribals have brought about lot of change in the atmosphere in the region. It is believed that its effect can be felt in Madhya Pradesh.

Large number of tribals had attended Murmu's programme as well

This is the reason why BJP is constantly trying to maintain contact with the tribals of Vindhya. Recently, a grand programme of President Droupadi Murmu was organized in Shahdol. Even at that time thousands of tribals were taken there from different districts.

Apart from this, Governor Mangubhai Patel has not only visited many tribal districts in different ways, he has also stayed in some districts.

Factionalism within BJP has increased in Vindhya

Regarding the two-day stay of Union Home Minister Shah, there is also an opinion of political observers that factionalism within the BJP has increased a lot in Vindhya. Party's national organization is aware of this. BJP believes that the cutting of tickets on a large scale in the elections should not affect the prospects of the party, after assessing it from now on, internal efforts should be started on its options. However, the responsible people of the party have ruled out any such possibility at present.

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