9 Feb 2023

PM Modi Hits Out At Opposition, Says Ray Of Hope After So Many Years Of Independence

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to the President's address in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Even before Modi's speech started, the opposition MPs started creating ruckus. On this the PM said- The country carefully hears what is said in this House. Some MPs are bringing disrepute to this House.

Cong never tried to find solutions to problems

Modi said Congress never tried to find permanent solutions to problems confronting country but our government's polices are focused on finding permanent solutions for issues facing country.

The PM said our government has extended potable water supply to 11 crore houses in last 3-4 years against only 3 crore before 2014.

Modi said we sent money directly to the beneficiaries in Jan Dhan accounts. We brought a new eco system. It is natural for those who used to get the benefits of the old eco system to raise hue and cry. 

There was culture of delaying projects

Earlier there was a culture of delaying projects and making them go astray. We have prepared a technology platform and the work of expediting the infrastructure projects is underway. It used to take months to make plans, today plans are pushed forward in a week.

Modi said merely expressing feelings does not make the point. As it was once said Garibi Hatao (remove poverty) but nothing happened in 4 decades. But we will work hard day and night to fulfill people’s aspirations.

Only 14 crore LPG connections till 2014

Till 2014, there were 14 crore LPG connections, there was a demand from the people to provide the connection. We have decided that we will give LPG to every household. We knew that we would have to work hard and spend money. Gas will have to be brought from all over the world. 

The PM said despite this, our priority was the citizens, the common people. We provided gas connections to more than 32 crore families. From this we can understand how much effort must have been made. Ww worked hard with pride.

There was no electricity in villages

There was no electricity in the villages. There were remote villages, there were villages in the North East. There were hill villages. They didn't have vote banks, so they didn't pay attention to providing electricity. 

Ray of hope after so many years of independence

We provided electricity to 18 thousand villages. He developed and his faith in the system of the country increased. We have won that trust. We worked hard. Remote villages have seen a ray of hope after so many years of independence.

We didn't think about political gain or loss

In earlier governments, electricity used to be supplied for a few hours. We have been able to provide 22 hours electricity. We did not leave people to their fate. Didn't think about political gain or loss, chose the path to make the country's tomorrow bright. Chose the path of hard work.

RS witnesses chaos

Earlier, the Upper House witnessed chaos as Opposition MPs targeted the government over the Hindenburg-Adani row, inflation and unemployment, among other issues. Opposition MPs stormed the well of the House as PM Modi replied to Motion of Thanks on President's address. 

They raised slogans demanding the formation of JPC on Adani issue. Slogans of "Modi-Adani bhai-bhai" were raised in Rajya Sabha as Modi spoke.

They have mud, I have gulal

Modi said- I will say this to the members creating uproar that they have mud, I have gulal. They threw mud, I throw gulal. The more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom. I also express my gratitude to them for their direct or indirect contribution in blooming the lotus.

The PM hit out at Congress for creating obstacles in development during its rule, saying India wasted six decades while smaller nations progressed.

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