26 Feb 2023

Raipur: Congress National Convention Ends; Party Has Responsibility To Protect Values Of Freedom, Says Kharge

Raipur: The Congress National Convention concluded with Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge's call to fight for the interests of farmers, labourers, Dalits, raise voice against unemployment and price rise and fight more strongly against the ideology of hatred.

Kharge, in his closing address at the national convention, while exhorting the partymen today, said that it is the responsibility of all of us to continue on the path made by Rahul Gandhi through Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

Inequality is increasing 

He said that inequality is increasing in the country and the rich are getting richer and poorer are getting poorer. The gap between villages and cities has widened. There is a need to raise voice against it.
He said that few people are looting the property of this country. Modi ji has given strength to promote one person Adani, and the government has not helped any businessman. 

Mentioning the proposals for agriculture, social justice, there was a long discussion on various topics in the convention which will prove to be helpful in future politics.

Kharge said that the resolutions that have been passed will be implemented when party comes to power at the Center in 2024. He said that Congress fought for freedom for 62 years before independence and it has the highest responsibility to protect the values of freedom. There is no such challenge, whose solution Congress could not find.
Explaining the meaning of Congress to the partymen, he said that Congress means patriotism, sacrifice, loyalty and inspiration, compassion and justice, dependence and discipline, work beyond that and lay the foundation of a prosperous India. 

Battle of ideology will intensify

Referring to the political resolutions, he said that the battle of ideology will intensify, we have to fight unitedly. The economic proposal aims to remove the growing economic disparities and fight against the favoritism policies.

Education policy of RSS will take people further back

Referring to the proposal for social justice, Kharge said that caste census has been described as necessary in it. He said that the UPA government had got the caste census done, but after leaving the government in 2014, the Modi government did not allow that survey to be published. He said that the education policy of RSS will take people further back. Modi government wants to teach Manuvad and Manusmriti, which has to be fought against. He concluded the closing speech with the slogan .. Strong Congress - Buland Bharat.

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