14 Feb 2023

Scientists Working To Realize A Big Miracle In Field of Medicine, Babies Can Be Born From 'Brain Dead Female'!

New Delhi: Recently, news of a trans couple in Kerala giving birth to a baby came to the fore. The special thing in this was that the woman, who chose to become a man by changing her gender, became the mother. That is, she was a man imprisoned in a woman's body. 

Her breasts were removed during the operation, but the uterus etc. were not removed yet and that is why it was possible for her to become a mother. Now science has taken another leap-

Can we have children through the body of a 'brain dead' woman

Can we have children through the body of a 'brain dead' woman? Science is currently grappling with this question. At first glance it seems impossible, according to whatever medical science has told, being brain dead means the condition just before death.

Converting 'brain dead female' into surrogacy

Now a new research has been published, which has been written by one of the world's renowned professors, Ana Samaddar. According to this, in the coming days, preparations will be made to convert 'brain dead female' into surrogacy and the name of this concept is Whole Body Gestational Donation.

Donating the womb

The process of donating the womb will be exactly the same as today people donate their organs (liver, kidney, heart etc.). Any woman can sign this consent while she is alive that in any situation if she is brain dead then her uterus can be used to produce children.

This would be a giant leap in science

Ana Samaddar teaches in Norway. She is the Director of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. She is also a bioethicist and has a PhD in Medical Ethics from Imperial College London. 

Her latest research paper related to pregnancy has come out in the Theoretical Medicine and Biotics Journal.

A total of 12 page research paper has been published, in which an attempt has been made to find the answer to each and every question, although it has been presented only as an idea and doctors from all over the world are doing research on it.

People without children will be able to take advantage

There are parents who want a child but are unable to produce children due to various reasons. For such people, this technology will emerge as a hope. 

In today's time, only options like IVF, surrogacy or adoption remain in front of such people. In such a situation, this theory of Professor Anna Samaddar is quite amazing. 

According to this, parents who want a child but are unable to conceive due to any reason can hire a female body declared brain dead by doctors to fulfill their dream of having children.

What is the legal side and how will it work?

Anna Samaddar has said that many people in the world donate their organs for medical research. Women also rent their womb for surrogacy, apart from this, women can give consent for this work while they are alive, that is, if they become brain dead due to any reason in an accident, then in this condition they can give birth to children. 

Since this is only in theory, but even then debate has started on it. The first thing will be whether people will be able to accept giving birth to children with the help of a dead body. 

Secondly, how will the legal hurdles for such cases be resolved and thirdly, will there be so much development in this matter so soon that it can become practice from principle.

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