27 Mar 2023

Atiq Ahmed's Past Is Dark, He Once Ruled Entire Purvanchal, Today Fear Of Death Is Haunting Him

Atiq Ahmed.. The entire Purvanchal used to get scared after hearing this name. Today the cycle of time has turned in such a way that he is scared that he could be killed in encounter. Atiq was born on 10 August 1962 in Prayagraj, formerly known as Allahabad. Father Firoz Ahmed used to run a tonga to support the family. Having spent his childhood in poverty, at the age of just 17, Atiq entered the world of crime as a murder accused. After this, Atiq rapidly climbed the stairs of crime and by the age of 21 to 22, Atiq became a big goon of Chakia in Allahabad. His business of extortion was successful.

Atiq's political journey started as an independent MLA

In the 1989 assembly elections, he filed nomination as independent candidate from Allahabad West. Here he had a direct fight with Chand Baba. But Atiq became an MLA. As soon as Atiq became MLA, Chand Baba's entire gang was destroyed and Chand Baba was also murdered. It was alleged Atiq was behind the murder.

After Chand Baba's death Atiq’s fear spread from Allahabad to the entire Purvanchal. After this, in 1991 and 1993 also, Atiq was elected as an independent MLA from Allahabad West. During this, his closeness with the Samajwadi Party increased. 

Atiq's name also figured in the well-known guest house scandal of 1995 and as a reward, he got the SP ticket in 1996 and also won. In 2002 also, Ateeq became MLA for the fifth time from Allahabad West seat, but he was eager to reach the Parliament. 

In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Atiq Ahmed contested from Phulpur seat of Allahabad on SP ticket and won.

Took revenge of brother's defeat by killing MLA Pal

The Allahabad West Assembly seat fell vacant when Atiq became an MP. His younger brother Ashraf contested on this seat. But BSP fielded Raju Pal against Ashraf and Raju Pal won by 4000 votes. Atiq could not tolerate this defeat and threw a bomb near Raju Pal's office within a month. Raju Pal survived the attack. After this, he attacked again in December 2004, but luck was with Raju al. 

However, when Atiq attacked Raju for the third time on January 25, 2005, this time luck did not favor Raju. Riddled with 19 bullets, Raju died. Mayawati's rule was established in UP in the year 2007. Meanwhile, the SP also distanced itself from Atiq. This proved to be the turning point of Atiq's life. 

Raju Pal's wife Pooja Pal had also defeated Atiq's brother Ashraf in the election and Mayawati declared Atiq most wanted and started Operation Atiq. Between 1986 and 2007, more than a dozen cases were registered against Atiq under the Gangster Act. 

A reward of 20 thousand was placed on his head. Atiq Ahmed's movable and immovable properties worth crores was confiscated. The building towards which the police used to be afraid to even look has been demolished. After this he was arrested from Delhi.

10 withdrew from hearing, 11th judge granted bail

Years passed by… In the year 2012, he filed nomination as Apna Party candidate to contest the assembly elections. Bail application was filed in Allahabad High Court. Till now, the terror of Atiq was such that 10 judges of the High Court had recused themselves from hearing the case one by one, and the 11th judge gave bail to Atiq.

Akhilesh did not want Atiq to get ticket

When Akhilesh Yadav became the SP President, there was some trouble for him. Meanwhile, mutual tussle had started in the Mulayam Singh family. 

In such a situation, in the list of SP candidates that came out in 2016, Atiq's name was there as a candidate from Kanpur Cantt. On December 22, Atiq reached Kanpur with a convoy of 500 vehicles. The situation was that wherever the convoy used to pass, there used to be a jam. 

By then Akhilesh Yadav had become the national president of SP and he made it clear that there was no place for Atiq in his party. Ateeq was thrown out of the party. In the case of vandalizing the college and threatening the officials, the High Court strongly reprimanded the police and ordered the arrest of Atiq.

Was put in jail even before the 2017 elections

Atiq was arrested in February 2017, a month before the elections. His bail was canceled in all the cases and since then Atiq is in jail. The last nail in the coffin of Atiq playing hide and seek with the law came in the form of the Yogi government. As soon as Yogi became the CM, the investigation of many cases against Atiq started. 

Since then, bulldozers have been running on Atiq's illegal properties worth more than hundreds of crores. Atiq's brother Ashraf is also lodged in jail in the Mariyadih double murder case. 

Meanwhile, Umesh Pal, the witness of the Raju Pal murder case, was killed a week ago in Allahabad. Two of his security personnel were also killed along with him. The blame is once again on Atiq and his cohorts. After this, the Chief Minister of the state Yogi is shouting that he will destroy the mafia.

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