27 Mar 2023

Rahul Gandhi's Disqualification: What Piyush Goyal Said On Congress MPs Wearing Black Clothes In House

New Delhi: Union minister and BJP leader Piyush Goyal has accused the Congress party of doing 'low level politics'.

Piyush Goyal said, “The Congress members are not allowing the House to function. Today they came to the House in black clothes. How long will the Congress party continue to do such petty politics? Do they want to desecrate the temple of democracy?"

Goyal said that the Congress leaders have become so desperate that they want to 'sustain themselves only on black magic'. Only black magic is left with them. They have completely lost the trust of the public.

He asked, “Was it a protest against the court? Was this protest against the Supreme Court? Was this protest against Rahul Gandhi, who laid the foundation by tearing down the ordinance, due to which he was automatically disqualified.”

Congress MPs reached Parliament in black clothes

Congress MPs reached Parliament House today (on Monday) wearing black clothes. They were protesting against the cancellation of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha membership.

A court in Surat, Gujarat sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years imprisonment in a criminal defamation case. A day after the punishment, the Lok Sabha Secretariat canceled his membership by issuing a notification.

Piyush Goyal said, "The order of the Supreme Court is clear that when an MP or MLA is sentenced to two years, they themselves will be disqualified."

Even before Rahul Gandhi, 12 people have been disqualified

He said that even before Rahul Gandhi, 12 people have been disqualified. At that time no movement was seen. No one was seen in black clothes.

Piyush Goyal said, "Rahul Gandhi has no right to consider himself above the law of the country. This is the government of Narendra Modi. It will not make compromise with the law."

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