9 Mar 2023

Google Gives Another Blow To Staff Amidst Layoffs; Fewer Employees To Get Promotions This Year

Google has given another blow to its employees amid reports of layoffs. After announcing layoffs, hiring freezes and pay cuts, Google has now warned employees about promotions. As per an email sent by the company fewer employees will get promotions to senior roles this year at Google.

This year only a dozen employees will get promotion to higher senior level. In an e-mail sent to the employees, the company said that promotions this year would be largely similar to last year. However, we are also doing recruitment at a slow pace. We are planning fewer promotions than before.

New performance review system

The changes come as Google is moving toward implementing a new performance review system called Google Reviews and Development (GRAD).

According to media reports this system is likely to result in more Google employees receiving low performance ratings and fewer receiving high marks.

Google has a sprawling middle management, similar to many large tech companies.

Google laid off 453 employees in India

Recently, Google laid off 453 employees in India from different departments including sales and marketing. 

Apart from this, Google's parent company Alphabet Inc also announced the dismissal of 240 employees from its operation in Ireland in February to reduce its global workforce. 

Earlier in January this year, Google had said that it was cutting 12,000 jobs or about 6% of the workforce worldwide.

On the layoffs, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said, 'Googlers, I have some difficult news to share. We have decided to reduce approximately 12,000 roles from our worldwide workforce. We have already sent a separate email to employees affected by the layoffs in the US. This means we have to say goodbye to some of our incredibly talented people.'

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