8 Mar 2023

Big-B Disappointed Over Not Being Able To Celebrate Holi, Says Time Never Comes Back

Big-B has expressed disappointment over not being able to celebrate Holi with pomp, He wrote in his blog that this time he was not able to celebrate Holi the way he used to celebrate earlier.

He wrote that he is not able to participate in the celebration of Holi because of the restriction on all kinds of physical activities.

A few days ago, Big-B was injured in Hyderabad during the shooting of the film 'Project K'.

Presently he is recuperating and during this time in his blog he expressed his disappointment for not being able to participate in the festivities of this colour-drenched festival.

Big-B remembers his old Holi parties 

Big-B remembered his old Holi parties and wrote that time never comes back.

In his blog, Amitabh Bachchan wrote in response to a question asked about his health, "I am recovering slowly. It will take some time to recover. What doctors have prescribed is being followed completely and diligently." 

He wrote, "All the works are closed and will start only after the situation improves and the doctor gives assurance."

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