8 Mar 2023

Navy Patrol Helicopter Falls Into Ditch Near Sea In Mumbai, All Three Crew Members Safe

Mumbai: An Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) of the Indian Navy fell into a ditch near the seashore in Mumbai on Wednesday. The helicopter was on routine flight at the time of the accident. But suddenly near the beach it fell into the ditch. 

As soon as the information about the accident was received, the search team was immediately activated. With this the rescue work was started. Acting proactively, the naval patrol team found three crew members safe. Orders for an inquiry have been issued after the accident.

On Wednesday morning, the ALH pilot of the Indian Navy, while on a routine flying mission from Mumbai, experienced a sudden loss of power and a rapid loss of altitude near the Mumbai coast, Navy Spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said. 

The pilot controlled the helicopter over the water. With this, all the three members of the aircrew ejected safely from the helicopter. 

Madhwal said the three crew members of the helicopter have been traced by a patrol ship of the Navy. All crew members are safe. They were brought to the naval helicopter base INS Shikra. Also medical examination was done.

Vivek Madhwal said that the downed helicopter has deployed its emergency flotation gear and efforts are underway to rescue it. Court of Inquiry has been ordered to find out the cause of the accident.

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