9 Mar 2023

Unemployment To Rise As Some Jobs May Not Be Needed Due To Automation But How Will Technology Create New Jobs?

The new reports of large-scale layoffs and rising unemployment have become commonplace not only in India but all over the world. According to experts, as the world emerges from the pandemic era, over-hiring by IT companies during Covid period, cost pressures and funding challenges have posed fresh problems for companies. The layoffs which started last year have only increased since the beginning of 2023.

Many experts say that many types of jobs would be totally gone or the number of people employed in them would be drastically reduced in the nest one or two decade. Apart from economic slowdown and other factors, the biggest threat is automation. 

Changes in the future due to technology will be rapid, so fast that the human mind may not be able to adjust with them and they may seem like a shock to it.

Technology is the driving force

There’s no doubt that technology is the driving force behind many of the new jobs in the coming years, and the reason that some jobs will no longer be needed. For example, technology has undermined the role of the travel agents. Internet search engines let people work out their own travel plans. Many sites also offer guidance. You can even tell your phone to book a flight or hotel for you.

Need for human workers is likely to be very small

Similarly, with the rapid advancement of automation and robotics technology, the demand for manual labor jobs such as factory workers, assembly line workers, construction workers may see a decline in the next 10 years. In many factories, the need for human workers is likely to be very small.

Many of the jobs of today that will not exist in the coming decades revolve around the retail industry. Amazon has already opened a pioneering cashier-less store where secret technology recognises what you take from the shelves and charges it to your preferred payment type. 

Technology involved in replacing these jobs will create new jobs

But simultaneously, the technology involved in replacing these jobs will create thousands if not millions of new jobs that are not even comprehensible right now. Ultimately, big leaps in technological advancements will create exciting new jobs, but may also create a huge gap between social classes and cause tensions that haven’t been seen yet in society.

Plethora of career opportunities

Across many industries and businesses, technology and computing is very crucial. The sheer volume of electronic devices and machinery that involve computer coding and programming means that there are now a plethora of career opportunities available to you should you master this skill.

Human touch will always be necessary

There’s no stopping technology. It will continue to advance. Some jobs will fall by the wayside — either because automation has replaced workers, or because the jobs simply aren’t needed anymore. But the human touch will always be necessary.

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