26 Mar 2023

ISRO Creates History, Launches UK's 36 Satellites; It Is India's Largest LVM3 Rocket

Sriharikota: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched  India’s largest Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM3) rocket/OneWeb India-2 Mission with 36 satellites onboard simultaneously on Sunday i.e. 26 March. The total weight of all the satellites sent is 5805 kg. 

This mission has been named LVM3-M3 / OneWeb India-2. They were launched from the spaceport of Satish Dhawan Space Center Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 9.00 am.

In this mission, ISRO's 43.5 meter long LVM3 rocket (GSLV-MK III) was used. It is the heaviest rocket of ISRO. It took off from another launchpad. 

Five consecutive successful missions including the Chandrayaan-2 mission have been launched from LVM3. This is its sixth successful flight.

 LVM-III will deploy 36 satellites of UK-based OneWeb

The LVM-III will deploy 36 satellites of the UK-based Network Access Associated Ltd (OneWeb) to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on Sunday. 

The OneWeb Group Company has inked a contract with ISRO's commercial arm NewSpace India Ltd to launch 72 satellites into LEO. 

The first satellite deployment collaboration between the two organisations took place in October 2022 with ISRO launching 36 satellites of OneWeb. OneWeb is a global communication network powered from space, enabling connectivity for governments and businesses.

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