3 Mar 2023

Jitu Patwari's Suspension: Congress To Bring No-Confidence Against Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker

Bhopal: After suspension of Congress MLA and former minister Jitu Patwari in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly for the remaining period of the current budget session, State Congress President Kamal Nath said that it is not appropriate to suspend one of our members in the House and we have decided to move a no-confidence motion against the Speaker. 

Kamal Nath said this in a discussion with the media at his residence late evening. Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Dr. Govind Singh and Jitu Patwari were also present on the occasion. 

'Members have the right to speak'

Kamal Nath said that the members have the right to speak in the assembly. That is why the assembly has been formed. The Congress members raised many issues in the House and there was evidence available for all issues.

From Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh, PCC Chief Kamal Nath to all the Congress MLAs of Madhya Pradesh have announced to stand with Jitu Patwari and fight the battle in the House.

'They want to suppress our voice'

Kamal Nath said that they want to suppress our voice. Don't want to let us speak. It is a very sad day for the Constitution and our democracy. Suspension is not an issue. Gauging the voice, that's the issue.

Kamal Nath said- It is a very sad day for the assembly of Madhya Pradesh. I have years of experience in Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha, be it in government or in opposition. The government answers the questions of the opposition. Our colleague Jitu Patwari raised several issues on the Governor's address. 

'4 lakh crore loan was taken'

Kamal Nath further said, Patwari raised the issue of loan. About 4 lakh crore loan was taken. Rs 75 crore per day interest is being charged. This is interest of 24 thousand crore rupees per year. Patwari raised the question of the expenditure incurred on the aeroplane. Instead of answering these, the action taken on Jitu Patwari was pre-decided. They had already decided that we will not allow the session to continue. 

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