15 Mar 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly: Congress Walks Out On Old Pension Scheme Issue

Bhopal: Members of the main opposition Congress staged a walkout in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, accusing the government of being anti-employee in the matter of not giving the benefit of Old Pension Scheme (OPS) to government officials and employees.

Raising this matter during the Question Hour, senior Congress member Sajjan Singh Verma asked a supplementary question and wanted to know from the government whether the matter of implementing the old pension scheme was under consideration at the government level. 

Kamal Nath said that every government is run by the employees and if there is injustice with the employees, then how the government will run. Our friend Sajjan Verma asked a simple question: Will the government implement the old pension?

Memos are accepted from employees but no action is taken: Sajjan

Finance Minister Jagdish Deora said that no such proposal is under consideration. After this, Sajjan Verma wanted to know whether the government has any demand letter of the agitating employees in this matter. The minister also denied this.

After this Congress members started speaking in unison and demanded implementation of OPS. The members said that the representatives of the government accept memorandums from the agitating employees but do not take any action on them. 

Amidst the ruckus, Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh asked whether the government would make provisions related to the old pension scheme in the supplementary budget. On not getting any positive response from the government, the leader of the opposition called the government anti-employee and after this the Congress members staged a walkout.

Compensation to gas victims

Earlier, Sajjan Verma also raised the issue of compensation to gas victims. He said during zero hour that Bhopal has a large population of gas victims. The Supreme Court has reprimanded the Central Government regarding the compensation to them and has said that the Central Government should give a compensation of 8000 crores.

Supplementary budget

The supplementary budget was presented in the assembly today. It will be discussed on March 16. On the demand of the Finance Minister, Speaker Girish Gautam has fixed a time of one and a half hour.

A proposal was made in the assembly regarding the demand for the formation of Ahir Regiment. For a long time, the Yadav Samaj in different areas of the state and the country has been raising the demand for the formation of an Ahir regiment in the army. Today, Congress MLA from Bargi, Sanjay Yadav, presented a non-official resolution regarding formation of Ahir Regiment in the Vidhan Sabha.

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