1 Mar 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Narottam Mishra, Arvind Bhadauria Summoned To Delhi In Midst Of Budget Session; Is BJP Going To Do A Big Reshuffle

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra and Cooperation Minister  Arvind Bhadauria have been suddenly summoned to Delhi while the Budget Session is underway. The political stir has increased once again due to their visit to Delhi. It is believed that either Narottam Mishra or Arvind Bhadauria can be made the president of Madhya Pradesh BJP. Along with this, speculations about cabinet expansion have also intensified.

Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra immediately left for Delhi from the assembly on Tuesday as soon as he got the instructions from Delhi. It is discussed that the party leadership is also brainstorming on the option of changing the leader in Madhya Pradesh amidst the complications of cabinet expansion. However, there are only speculations about the change of leadership in the state. Nothing is being told about this clearly by the BJP.

BJP infighting is not ending

Assembly elections are to be held at the end of the year. In such a situation, BJP is also struggling with infighting. There is internal fighting among the senior leaders of the party not only to become the chief of the party but also to become the chief of power. 

On the surface, even though everything is looking good in BJP, but internally things are not so peaceful. CM Shivraj, BJP State President VD Sharma and State Home Minister Dr. There is a sound of reshuffle in power and organization.

People are unable to understand anything about the triangle between CM Shivraj, BJP State President VD Sharma and State Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra. Internally a tussle is going on among them. This has been proved on many occasions in the past. In fact, there were many such occasions when these three were seen trying to targeting each other. Although all the three leaders are seen openly praising each other. 

Big changes likely

The summon sent to Dr. Narottam Mishra leaving the session clearly shows that BJP is going to make some big changes. There is also speculation about a reshuffle in the Shivraj cabinet. During the Vikas Yatra in the past, there was a lot of trouble for the BJP and its MLA ministers across the state. 

Many MLAs faced people's ire during Vikas Yatra

In such a situation, the top leadership of the party seems worried about it. It is believed that the MLAs who have had to face opposition in their constituencies will be denied ticket at the time of elections. Along with this, the ministers who have faced people's anger during the Vikas Yatra can be thrown out of the cabinet.

Shivraj was summoned earlier

Recently CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also summoned to Delhi. Party's national president JP Nadda had suddenly summoned Shivraj to Delhi on 25 February. Shivraj had a long discussion with JP Nadda in a closed room. 

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