31 Mar 2023

Madhya Pradesh: What PK's Team Doing In State? Is It Working For Kamal Nath?

Bhopal: Political maneuvering has started regarding the assembly elections to be held in Madhya Pradesh. Former CM Kamal Nath has got a survey done of candidates capable of winning in elections. Now the team of election strategist PK (Prashant Kishor) has entered the state.

All this is kept confidential. No one is ready to say anything in this matter. According to information received from sources, PK's team of about 150 people has camped in a private university in Bhopal. This team has also started working for the Congress. 

Nath likely to give tickets on basis of PK's report

Kamal Nath is likely to give most of the tickets on the basis of PK's team's report instead of giving them on the recommendation of any party leader. PK's team members have reached all the assembly seats in the state.

Prashant Kishor has said on many occasions that now he will not work for any party as before, but the presence of his team in MP contradicts what he has been saying. On the request of Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh, he has agreed to work for the Congress. 

Team's arrival kept secret to avoid public eye

The team's arrival has been kept secret to avoid the public eye. No leader has been informed about this. For the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is expected to declare candidates for many seats six months in advance.

The party had conducted a second internal survey on 230 seats in the state. In that survey, Congress has found the ground position of 37 MLAs and 17 former ministers to be strong out of the existing 95 MLAs. They have also been told to make election preparations. 

State Congress President Kamal Nath did not comment on the internal survey of the party. Just said that our focus is on winning the seats lost in the last two elections.

Team identifying issues for election

In the first phase, the PK's team is conducting a survey for the candidates capable of registering win in election. With this the issues are being identified that affect people. The Congress will include these issues in its agenda of the election campaign. 

The election campaign of Congress will run only on the basis of PK's report. It is clear that PK is still doing the work of making strategies for political parties. In the last assembly elections too, Kamal Nath had taken the help of PK. His team worked for the Congress. The results went in favour of Congress.

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