24 Mar 2023

Megha Ray Will Be Seen In New Avatar In ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’


The first glimpse of Sony Entertainment Television’s coming of age drama ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’ has got the audience intrigued with its engaging concept. Posing a simple question to stereotypical minds, the show asks why a girl cannot take her sapnon ki chhalaang to an alien city, and fulfil the opportunity of working at her dream job. 
It is this narrative that the protagonist, Radhika aims to change as she takes a leap of faith. Playing this determined character is the rising television star, Megha Ray, who is sure to make a mark with this refreshing story line. 

‘It mirrors the journey of every girl who took the leap of faith’

Expressing her excitement on being a part of Sapnon Ki Chhalaang, Megha Ray said, "Sapnon Ki Chhalaang is an endearing story that will grow on you from the word go, as it did for me. It mirrors the journey of every girl who took the leap of faith by leaving her comfort zone and moving to a new city in order to pursue her dreams. 
“Boys are encouraged to migrate for work, it's a matter of pride when they get good employment offers; but when the tables are turned, it's always the girls who are asked to reconsider, find a job closer to home or are altogether not allowed to go,” adds Meghna.

‘Radhika will be breaking many barriers in this compelling story’

Megha said Radhika will be breaking many such barriers in this compelling story and I am looking forward to introducing you to her on April 10th!

'I am three shows old now and looking forward to more!'

Talking about how she wants viewers to perceive Radhika as a relatable and strong willed girl of today, Megha said, "Despite being a Bombay girl, the comfort of my home curbed me as well from pursuing acting as a profession but I am three shows old now and looking forward to more! I want to play characters that comfort the audiences, somebody that they can relate to. And, Radhika’s character is just that - she is a dreamer and an achiever who will find a way to make it happen; she will not settle for anything but the best."

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