24 Mar 2023

Navratri: Maa Lehra Devi Temple In UP's Maharajganj: Yudhishthira Had Given Correct Answers To Yaksha's Questions At This Place

Maharajganj (UP): In Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, a huge crowd is gathering at Adishakti Peeth Lehra Devi Temple on the occasion of Navratri.

The temple of Maa Lehra Devi situated at a distance of eight km from Farenda tehsil headquarter at the western end of the district is the centew of faith of the people. Devotees reach from far and wide to visit the Devi's court. There is an influx of devotees. 

Devotees from Nepal also come to visit Maa Lehda Devi

Devotees from neighboring country Nepal also come to visit Maa Lehra Devi. Lakhs of devotees come from Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Deoria and many other districts to visit Maa Lehra Devi during Navratri. Although there is an influx of devotees here throughout the year, but the crowd of devotees throngs the Lehda Devi temple during Chaitra Navratri.

This temple was established by Pandavas during their exile

According to mythological beliefs, this temple was established by the Pandavas during their exile. Dharmaraj Yudhishthira had revived his four brothers by giving correct answers to Yaksha's questions at this place. Later on, the five brothers established a Peeth here and started offering prayers. 

Goddess used to cross river everyday here

According to another legend, the goddess used to cross the river everyday from her native place to visit Pauhari Baba. One day the boatman developed a feeling of lust. As soon as the boat reached the stream, Maa showed the boatman her formidable form. Due to the rage of the Devi, the boat along with the sailor sank in the water. If we look at historical facts, Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang has also mentioned this place in his travelogue.

Buddha's childhood was spent in these areas

According to available Buddhist evidence, Gautam Buddha's mother Maya Devi was the daughter of Koliya Republic. In such a situation, Buddha's childhood was spent in these areas. 

How British officer died 

If elders of the area are to be believed, one day a British officer officer (Lagda Sahib) of the military cantonment at Lehra reached the temple premises while hunting. Seeing the crowd of devotees here, he started showering bullets on the pindi of the goddess. In no time, blood started flowing there. Horrified by seeing the blood, the British officer was coming back to Kothi when he died along with the horse.

The grave of that British officer is located one km west of the temple. After this incident people's faith in Lehda Devi increased further. 

Baba Vanshidhar had made a lion and a crocodile vegetarian

At a short distance from the Lehra Devi temple, there is an ancient Tapasthali. There are tombs of many saints and sages at this place. One of these sadhu yogis was famous Baba Vanshidhar. Baba Vanshidhar was famous as a Siddha Yogi. 

He had done many miracles and works of public welfare with his yogic power. Due to Baba's power and devotion, many wild animals used to get ready to obey him. It is believed that once Baba Vanshidhar had made a lion and a crocodile vegetarian with his powers.

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