25 Mar 2023

Chitra Navratri: Devotees Climb 1080 Steps To Reach Maa Sharda Devi Mandir at Maihar in MP's Satna; Even Today Alha And Udal Have Darshan Of Maa Here Every Day

Satna (Madhya Pradesh): These days devotees from all over the country are reaching Maihar to have darshan of Maa Sharda, who blesses the creativity of a person. The administration and the police have made special arrangements for the fair on the occasion of Navratri.
Situated on the Trikut mountain in Maihar tehsil of Satna district, this temple of Mata is called the temple of Maihar Devi. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. It is said that the idol of Maa Sharda is self-manifested here, that is, she herself has appeared here. 

Necklace of Mata Sati fell here 

According to mythology, the necklace of Mata Sati fell here and since then the place has been named Maihar.
The history of Maihar's Maa Sharda temple is about two thousand years old. Here Guru Shankaracharya worshipped Maa Sharda. 

Alha and Udal were great devotees of Sharada Mata

It is believed that Alha and Udal who had fought with Prithviraj Chauhan were also great devotees of Sharada Mata. Alha and Udal were the first to discover this temple of Sharada Devi amidst the forests. After this, Alha pleased the goddess by doing austerities in this temple for 12 years. Mother had blessed him with immortality.

Pond behind the temple is called Alha Talab

Even today, it is believed that Alha and Udal have the darshan of Mother Sharda every day. There is a pond under the mountains behind the temple, called Alha Talab. Not only this, after going 2 kilometers further from the pond, an arena is found, about which it is said that Alha and Udal used to practise wrestling.

Thousands of devotees come here every day from every corner of the country to visit Maa Sharda. Devotees consider themselves blessed by offering shrifal (coconut), sindoor (vermilion), camphor, chunri and makeup items at the feet of the mother. 

Temple is built on a hill at a height of 600 meters

At the same time, the administration makes a lot of arrangements for the security of the visiting visitors. The grand temple of Maa Sharda has been built on the hill at a height of 600 meters. There are 1 thousand 80 steps to reach the temple. 

Along with this, the facility of commuting is also available from the ropeway and the price of the ticket is Rs.140. 

Maa always sits on high places

It is said that mother always sits on high places. The way devotees reach Vaishno Devi by crossing the mountains to have darshan of Maa Durga. Similarly, in Satna district, 1080 steps are taken to visit the mother. 

The existence of this temple is found in history from the 6th century. It is said that in 1918 this temple was very small. Devotees used to come and go through the inaccessible path of the hill to reach the temple. 

Devotees arrive during Navratri to have darshan of Maa

In the year 1951, stairs were constructed in this temple and the devotees started going to the mother's temple by stairs. Gradually, Navratri fair started being held in Chaitra Kwar and lakhs of devotees started coming to the fair to have a darshan of the Maa.
This time also the administration and police have made concrete arrangements for facilities and security. Booths have been made by deploying medical teams at various places in the fair area, where necessary medicines have been arranged. 

Arrangements have been made for drinking water and resting places. A lost-found center has been set up for those who get separated from their near and dear ones in the crowd of the fair and many small teams of volunteers have also been deployed to help the people.

Security arrangements

The fair area has been divided into 8 sectors from the point of view of security. The duty of police personnel in the sanctum sanctorum will be in 3 shifts, while at other points police personnel will do duty in 2 shifts. 
Police personnel have been called from Jabalpur, Sagar, Balaghat and Rewa zones for fair duty. 6 companies of SAF have been deployed. One thousand police personnel will be on Mela duty for 9 days, which will include 2 Additional SPs, 13 DSPs, 30 Inspectors and 70 Sub Inspectors.

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