27 Mar 2023

Rajasthan: Impasse Over Right To Health Bill Continues, Why Doctors Are Opposing? How Deadlock Will End?

Jaipur: The Rajasthan government has brought Right To Health Bill to give legal right to the people of the state for health care. But the doctors of the state have taken to the streets in protest against the Bill.

Private hospitals are closed in Rajasthan for the last one week. Even at homes, doctors are not giving consultation to the patients. 

Govt doctors also boycotting work

Government doctors also boycotting work for two hours each in support of private hospitals and the residents have also come out in protest.

Rajasthan government officials on Sunday held a meeting with a delegation of private hospital doctors  and assured them of a detailed discussion on their suggestions over the proposed law.

But the protesting doctors have demanded the withdrawal of the bill which they say is unconstitutional and will increase bureaucratic interference in the functioning of private hospitals.

'Word emergency not properly defined in the bill'

According to the protesting doctors, the word 'emergency' in the Right to Health Bill has not been clearly defined. A provision has been made in the bill that no private hospital can deny treatment to any patient in case of 'emergency'. If any hospital refuses treatment, the government will take action against them.

Private hospital operators and doctors say that if a patient suffering from some other disease or an victim comes to the eye hospital, then how is his treatment possible. 

Similarly, if a heart patient or a patient of snack bite comes to the gynecology hospital, treatment is not possible there even in case of emergency. Similarly, how is delivery or other treatment possible for women in a hospital where there is no gynaecologist.

Protest also against guarantee of treatment

Along with 'emergency', there is a big protest against private hospitals regarding the guarantee of treatment. After the implementation of the Right to Health Act, the treatment of every patient will be guaranteed by the doctor. 

If a serious patient reaches the hospital and treatment is not possible in the hospital, then naturally the patient has to be referred to a bigger hospital. If the patient dies during the referral before reaching the big hospital, who will guarantee it?

Private hospital doctors say how can the referring doctor guarantee that the patient will not die in critical condition. Due to this provision, quarrels will increase between the private hospital and the patients' relatives.

CM to hold another meeting

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot again appealed to the doctors to withdraw their strike, saying it is not in the public interest.

Gehlot is reaching Jaipur and will hold another meeting with the officials over the matter, an official source said. Now it remains to be seen how the government will convince the doctors to end their agitations. Meanwhile, the troubles for the people are increasing instead of decreasing due to the ongoing strike. 

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