23 Mar 2023

Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh’s Grandmother, Father, Mother, Uncle And Wife Are All Khalistan Supporters!

Amritsar: Amritpal Singh is currently out of reach of the Punjab Police. Search for him is going on.

Amritpal went to Dubai at the age of 19 as a truck driver. But he returned to India with the desire to become the head of Waris Punjab De and the poster boy of Khalistan. 

There are many links between going from India to Dubai and returning from there, which establish Amritpal as Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh. His family is also pro-Khalistan.

Married UK-based Kirandeep Kaur last month

Amritpal married UK-based Kirandeep Kaur last month. Amritpal's ancestral home and farming is in Amritsar. 

Amritpal returned to India from Dubai last year. After returning to Punjab from Dubai, on 29 September 2022, he declared himself as the head of Waris Punjab De.

At the same time, the police are claiming that Amritpal was setting up an organization named Anandpur Khalsa Force. In which people were being recruited.

Ancestral home and farm is in Anritsar

Talking about Amritpal Singh's family, it is a liberal Jat Sikh family with Sandhu surname. Amritpal's family's ancestral home and farm is in Jallupur Kheda, Amritsar.

He has an elder brother and younger twin sisters. Amritpal's family includes grandmother, father, mother, uncle and wife.

Mother accuses police of implcating Amritpal in false case

Amritpal Singh's grandmother Charan Kaur is said to be a religious woman. But during discussion with the media, she does not fail to accuse the Punjab Police of implicating Amritpal Singh in false cases.

Amritpal's father Tarsem Singh also worked in the transport business of Dubai. Father Tarsem Singh also calls the allegations lodged against Amritpal as false. His uncle Harjit Singh also used to work in transport in Dubai. Although later he went to Canada.

Kirandeep Kaur's relationship with Babbar Khalsa

Amritpal's wife Kirandeep Kaur was questioned by the police. Kirandeep Kaur allegedly has links with a terrorist organization called Babbar Khalsa International. Foreign funding has also happened through Kirandeep's account. She was questioned in this matter.

Kirandeep lived in the UK before marriage. According to an intelligence report in the media, even while living there, she has worked for the Babbar Khalsa International Organization. Kirandeep used to take care of collecting funds for Babbar Khalsa International in the UK.

Uncle Harjeet has already been arrested

The separatist movement has been started by Amritpal. It is alleged that his uncle Harjit Singh is also a supporter of the separatist movement. In such a situation, a case has also been registered against him under NSA. Harjit Singh had surrendered along with Amritpal's driver. 

Contact with Khalistan supporters in Dubai

Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has instigated Amritpal Singh in India to rekindle terrorism in Punjab with the help of Sikh separatists living abroad. He used to work as a truck driver in Dubai. He had returned to India from Dubai only last year.

In Dubai, he came in contact with Khalistan supporters. He has alleged links with Lakhbir Singh, head of the International Sikh Youth Federation. Lakhbir Singh is wanted in New Delhi for conspiracy to attack government officials, spreading hatred in Punjab and arms smuggling.

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