17 Apr 2023

Atiq Ahmed-Ashraf Murder Case Reaches Supreme Court; Demand To Probe All 183 Encounters

New Delhi/Prayagraj: A lawyer Vishal Tiwari has filed a petition in the Supreme Court over the murder of Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in police custody. The petitioner has said Asad's encounter was also suspicious. In the petition, a demand has been made to investigate the murders by forming an expert committee under the supervision of a retired judge of the Supreme Court. 

Along with this, a demand has also been made to investigate 183 encounters in UP since 2017. Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were murdered on the night of 15th April when Atiq was answering questions from the media. 

The plea sought the creation of an independent expert committee to probe the killings of Atiq and Ashraf.

Such actions a severe threat to democracy and rule of law

Referring to Atiq's killing, the plea said such actions by police are a severe threat to democracy and rule of law and lead to police state.

"In a democratic society the police cannot be allowed to become a mode of delivering final justice or to become a punishing authority. The power of punishment is only vested in the judiciary," the plea stated.

The plea said extra judicial killings or fake police encounters have no place under the law.

When the police turn "Dare Devils then the entire rule of law collapses and generates fear in the mind of people against police which is very dangerous for democracy and this also results into further crime," it stated. 

Premeditated murder: SP leader

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party's Chief General Secretary Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav claimed that Atiq and Ashraf, who were killed in police custody in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, termed it a premeditated murder.

Talking to reporters in Saifai, Prof. Yadav said that Atiq and his brother Ashraf were handcuffed by the police at the time of their murder. This is a planned murder. If the investigation is done properly, big people will get trapped in it. 

Former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath said that the Supreme Court should take suo motu cognizance of the Atiq-Ashraf murder case.

Only family members attended funeral of Atiq and his brother 

Meanwhile, Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf were cremated at Kasari-Masari cemetery in Prayagraj on Sunday night at 8.30 pm. Only 100 people attended the funeral of both. Atiq was buried just 5 steps away from son Asad. Both his minor sons, who are lodged in the juvenile home, also came to give soil to Atiq. Ashraf's wife wife Zainab and daughter came to give soil to Ashraf.

Entry was given in the funeral after seeing the Aadhaar card. Only such people got entry in this, who belonged to the family. Earlier, brother-in-law, father-in-law and two relatives had arrived to collect the dead bodies of both of them from the postmortem house.

Internet service in Prayagraj will remain closed today i.e. on 17th April as well. Earlier on Sunday also the internet remained closed.

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