17 Apr 2023

What Is Dream Role Of Muskaan Varshney? Rising Supermodel Tells

Muskaan Varshney, a young and talented actress who made her debut in the film industry with the horror flick 'The Room' at the tender age of 13, is currently creating waves with her upcoming project set to release on Hotstar. 

With her bold avatar and captivating performances, she has been gaining attention on Instagram and beyond. In a recent conversation, Muskaan candidly shared her journey, struggles, and aspirations for the future.

Future Aspirations and Dream Role

Looking ahead, Muskaan envisions herself in a position where she can extend help to others. Her dream role would be to portray a mythological character such as Radha or Sita, as she holds deep reverence for these divine personalities. Muskaan attributes her success and journey in the industry to her unwavering faith in God, and she is grateful for where she stands today.

Muskaan Varshney's journey in the film industry has been marked by struggles, growth, and unwavering determination. Her upcoming projects on Hotstar are eagerly anticipated by her fans, and she is focused on carving a niche for herself in the industry. With aspirations to make a positive impact and portray iconic roles, Muskaan's journey is one to watch out for in the world of cinema.

There was a time when she had only 300 rupees 

Reflecting on her struggles, Muskaan revealed that there was a time when she had only three hundred rupees to her name. She often found herself pondering how to make ends meet. However, in the midst of challenging times, she was fortunate enough to stumble upon work opportunities that provided her with the much-needed financial support to survive. These moments left an indelible mark on her memory and strengthened her resolve to pursue her passion for acting.

Current Projects and Satisfaction

Currently, Muskaan is working on two upcoming projects that are slated to release on Hotstar. While she refrained from divulging too many details about the projects, she expressed confidence that they will be well-received by the audience. Muskaan shared that her character in the upcoming projects is remarkably different from her previous roles, and she is immensely satisfied with the growth and diversity in her work.


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