18 Apr 2023

Fours And Sixes Rain Instead Of Bullets In Chambal Valley

ETAWAH: The Chambal Valley, which has been synonymous with terror for decades due to infamous dacoit gangs, is not only attracting tourists these days due to its natural beauty, but cricket-loving young players are showcasing their skills in the villages and towns situated in the valleys of Chambal.

The 'Chambal Cricket League Season-2' was organized by the courtesy of Chambal Vidyapeeth  at Chambal Ashram Hukumpura Ground from April 1 to April 14.

There was so much enthusiasm among the youth regarding the organization of Chambal Cricket League that they united themselves made a way through the rugged terrain and also made a pitch after duly cleaning the ground. Teams from Bhind of Madhya Pradesh, Auraiya, Etawah, Jalaun districts of Uttar Pradesh participated in Chambal Cricket League-2. T

Revolutionary writer Dr. Shah Alam Rana, the chief architect of organizing the league, told that this league has created a positive identity of the valley. Dr. Rana, founder of Chambal Vidyapeeth, said that Chambal Valley is being given a positive image through this league. 

Chambal Ashram becoming center of socio-cultural activity

The Chambal Ashram located at Hukumpura at an equal distance from the district headquarters of Auraiya, Etawah, Jalaun and Bhind is becoming the center of socio-cultural activity. 

Hukumpura village of Bilaud Panchayat has been in the limelight because of the infamous bandit leader Salim Gurjar alias Pehalwan. Now the new wind of change is blowing. 

A completely new environment

The Chambal Valley has been terrorized by notorious and dreaded dacoits for decades. As soon as the dacoits were eliminated in the course of police operations, winds of change are also being seen in Chambal. In the midst of this changed wind, the youth not only got rid of the terror of the dacoits, but also consider it appropriate to establish themselves in a completely new environment.

Youths of Chambal getting attracted towards cricket in large numbers

Local villagers say that the youth of Chambal valley are now getting attracted towards cricket in large numbers and for this reason youths are being seen on cricket pitches in the forest at various places. Seeing the youth of Chambal playing cricket, the elderly women of the village are also seen encouraging them

Chambal also wants to keep pace with the world

Remembering the old days, Akbar Singh Kushwaha says that on one side there was fear of dacoits. So on the other hand, villagers had to face police brutality. There were no roads. There were no means of transport. Farming also used to be at the mercy of rain. People were suffering in many ways. But now Chambal's rugged ravines have changed a lot. Chambal also wants to keep pace with the world.

Mass migration took place

Rakesh Kumar explains that there were no opportunities for education in the Panchnad valley cut off from basic facilities. There was a crisis of livelihood. There were no medical facilities. There was no electricity, water. Therefore, the residents of this place have suffered the brunt of mass migration. But now the times are changing here.

Etawah SSP Sanjay Kumar says that the effect of bandit eradication campaigns in Chambal is visible on a large scale. When Chambal has become completely calm, then it is obvious that now people can do whatever they, if the youth of Chambal are becoming aware towards the game of cricket, then no one can stop them.

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