8 Apr 2023

This Leader Has Suffered Only One Defeat In Elections So Far


Today we are telling you the story of such a leader of Madhya Pradesh who has lost only one election in his lifetime and that too a by-election. This by-election was also held in the summer months. A woman MP of Madhya Pradesh Congress had resigned. The entire state was in a state of shock due to her sudden resignation. But when the reason for the resignation came to the fore, it was shocking.


The reason for the resignation was that the husband of the woman MP wanted to contest from there. The husband's name was Kamal Nath. Yes, Kamal Nath's wife Alka Nath contested the 1996 election from Chhindwara and she also won. But Kamal Nath made her resign.

Why did Alka Nath contest the election in the first place?


Alka Nath contested in 1996 because Kamal Nath's name came up in the hawala scandal. Kamal Nath's name was mentioned in the diary of Jain brothers. So Kamal Nath decided not to contest the election until he was proved innocent.

Meanwhile, the elections of 1996 were announced. Then Kamal Nath fielded his wife Alka Nath from his traditional seat. Alka Nath won the election, after that Kamal Nath also got a clean chit in the hawala scandal. Then Alka Nath resigned.

What was the reason for resigning

The government bungalow was the reason for the resignation of Kamal Nath's wife Alka Nath. That government bungalow was allotted in the name of Kamal Nath in Delhi. Its allotment could not be done in the name of Alka Nath because Alka Nath was a first time MP. This was the reason that due to the bungalow, Kamal Nath announced to contest the election himself after getting Alka Nath's resignation.

BJP fielded Patwa in front of Kamal Nath

BJP fielded its biggest leader Sunderlal Patwa against Kamal Nath. Former Chief Minister and veteran leader of BJP Sunderlal Patwa gave a tough fight to Kamal Nath. At that time, Digvijaya Singh's government was in the state, so it was expected that Kamal Nath would win. All the big leaders of BJP were also camping in the ground.

Results gave a big shock to Congress

Then came the day of results. The result day was no less than a shock for Kamal Nath as well as for the Congress. Kamal Nath was defeated by 38 thousand votes. The biggest reason for Kamal Nath's defeat was that the public liked the issue raised by BJP. BJP told the public that when the wife was a Member of Parliament, then why Nath imposed elections on the public again by getting her to resign. 


After this, when the general elections were held in 1998, Kamal Nath defeated Sunderlal Patwa by a huge margin. Kamal Nath lost the first election of his life, but his hold on Chhindwara did not weaken.






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