4 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Cheetah Oban Again Sneaks Into Residential Area; Villgers Happy To See Big Cat But Are Also Worried


Sheopur: In Madhya Pradesh, the cheetah that came out of Kuno National Park in Sheopur district has again reached the residential area. 


The cheetah Oban had first strayed into the fields of Jhar-Baroda village adjacent to Kuno on Sunday morning but returned to forested area of the park the same day in the evening. But he was seen again in the fields of Parvati-Baroda village on Monday afternoon. 


 Locals said they are happy to see the cheetah but there is also fear among them and they are not able to do their work. They said forest department should take measures so that cheetah and other wild animals do not stray out of the park area.


Oban is seen around Parvati-Baroda village. From there the direct distance of Jhar-Baroda village is only one and a half kilometer. The Kwari river flows between the two villages. So there is no direct path. One can go to each other village by walking about 4 kms.


Not ready to leave Kwari river area


Oban is liking the Kwari river area. He is not ready to return from here. On Sunday, he was seen moving near Jhar Baroda village adjacent to Kwari river and then on Monday near Parvati Baroda village adjacent to the river itself. 


Sometimes he is seen sitting in the fields, and sometimes on the banks of the river. The Forest Department staff is also present around the cheetah to keep an eye on its every activity.


The forest department team is present on the spot. Forest officials are trying to send the cheetah back to Kuno. By tracing the location of the cheetah through caller ID, its every movement is being monitored.

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