4 Apr 2023

Rajasthan: How Kota's Young Farmer Jaiprakash Is Growing Colorful Vegetables, Black And Yellow Tomatoes, White Cabbage, Black Carrots And Much More

Young farmer Jaiprakash Gehlot of Arjunpura village of Ladpura panchayat of Kota district of Rajasthan has gained fame by innovation in farming by producing colorful vegetables and sugar free potatoes and now their demand is increasing in other areas as well.

With innovation, Jaiprakash has made his identity as a progressive farmer by earning good profits despite low investment and less land available with him. 


This has been possible through the use of modern technology. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used for these crops.

The colorful vegetables of his fields are in great demand not only in Kota but also in other areas. In the fields, where green, purple, yellow and white cabbage are produced, there are black and red colored carrots.

Pumpkin is shaped like gourd


People are surprised to see red, black and yellow tomatoes in Jaiprakash's fields. No one can recognize pumpkin, in its fields long shaped pumpkin like gourd is produced in his farm. 


People like cabbage grown in his field in the form of salad. Peas are also so sweet that people eat them with gusto.

Sugar-free potatoes

Along with this, farmer Jaiprakash also produces sugar-free potatoes, which were earlier sent to Indore. And now he sends them to PepsiCo company in Gurgaon and Punjab.

Jaiprakash starts preparing for sowing vegetables in his fields before the season. Thus the produce of their fields comes in the market about a month before the season. That's why the income is also good.

Jaiprakash adopts tunnel technique for this. In this technique a fabric is applied. Due to which plants are not harmed by sunlight, cold and also do not get disease. 


No need to use pesticides


In this technique the whole plant is covered with cloth. Therefore the vegetables produced in his fields do not suffer from any kind of disease and there is no need to use pesticides. Gehlot adopts foreman trap method for most damaging fruit fly in vegetables. Flies are captured by this method.


Jaiprakash tells that he does not use chemical fertilizers and medicines in his fields throughout the year. He has 20 bighas of land. In this, organic vegetables are grown in 2 bighas. 


He is not able to fulfill even 10 percent of demand


The demand for vegetables produced in his fields in Kota itself is so high that he is not able to fulfill even 10 percent of the demand. Due to the village being near Kota city, the buyers come directly to his fields. 


He earns up to Rs 20 lakh annually from his farming. Jaiaprakash has completed his graduation but instead of trying for a job, he thought it right to innovate by adopting new technology, due to which many people are getting employment directly and indirectly.

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