3 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Cheetah Oban That Strayed Into Village Returns To Kuno Forests

SHEOPUR: Villagers and forest officials heaved a sigh of relief when the cheetah named Oban that strayed into the fields close to Kuno National Park in Sheopur district on Saturday night returned to the jungle on Sunday evening after a lot of efforts by the forest department.

The villagers were alarmed when they saw Oban on Sunday morning. They informed the forest officials. The forest officials rushed to the spot, and it was only on Sunday evening that the cheetah returned to the jungle.

District Forest Officer (DFO) Prakash Kumar Verma said Oban was spotted by residents of Jhar Baroda village of Vijaypur, which is adjacent to the forest. Oban was found sitting on the farm.

The forest officials made the video of Oban, which went viral on social media. During daytime, cheetahs usually rest in shadow, hence the forest team waited for the evening hours to ensure Oban's return to the jungle of Kuno.


Safe passage created for Cheetah


The forest officials asked the villagers of Jhar Badoda not to disturb Oban. At sunset, forest officials created a safe passage for Oban. This tactic worked, as Oban followed safe passage and went inside the jungle.

"It is very often that a cheetah enters a nearby field and returns inside the jungle," said Verma.

Cheetahs roaming in open forest of Kuno National Park are getting familiar with the forest by reaching its every corner. They roam in an area of 10 to 15 km per day.

Four Namibian cheetahs were released into the wild of Kuno National Park and Oban is one of them

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