8 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh's 9 Products Including Sharbati Wheat,Gond Paintings, Batik Prints Of Ujjain Get GI Tag

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh's well-known Sharbati wheat has now been included in the country's intellectual wealth. Sundarja mangoes of Rewa along with Sharbati wheat have recently been registered by the GI Registry in the agricultural product category.

Morena Gajak has received the GI tag in the food ingredient category. In the handicrafts category, Gond paintings of the state, handmade carpets of Gwalior, iron crafts of Dindori, stone crafts of Jabalpur, handloom sarees of Waraseoni and batik prints of Ujjain have also received GI tag.


Sharbati wheat

Sharbati wheat is a regional variety of wheat grown in Sehore and Vidisha districts having golden sheen to the grains. Fiber, protein and vitamins B and E are found in abundance in this whole wheat chapati.


An interesting fact about Sharbati atta is that drought brings out the best quality in this wheat. The region growing Sharbati wheat, do not necessarily have an organized, large scale cultivation of this crop. Being rain water irrigated, the soil for Sharbati wheat is high in potash content and low in humidity. 


This amazingly ends up increasing the protein content of the wheat by almost 2% more as compared to the normal wheat atta. This also leads to Sharbati wheat crop skipping the requirement of pesticides being used. Hence the flour from sharbati wheat crop automatically qualifies as a better flour over the rest.

Due to the organic way Sharbati wheat is farmed, it holds an answer to a lot of health issues that are common today . With everyone hankering for a healthier way to eat, Sharbati wheat, by the very virtue of its cultivation, avoids the usage of insecticides and pesticides making it a healthy choice.


Sundaraja mangoes

Sundaraja mangoes of Rewa are known nationally and internationally for their unique aroma and taste. Due to less sugar and more vitamin E, this mango is also beneficial for diabetics.


Morena's Gajak


This traditional sweet made of jaggery or sugar and sesame seeds has a history of more than 100 years.

Gond Painting


The practice of this tribal painting depicting the connection of man with nature is prevalent in the Gond tribe and is made on various festivals and occasions.


Handcrafted Carpets of Gwalior


This carpet weaves motifs of animals, birds and jungle scenes using bright colors. These carpets are woolen, cotton and silk based.


Iron craft of Agaria community of Dindori

In this craft, iron is heated and beaten to form traditional tools and decorative items of desired thickness and shape.


Stonework of Jabalpur

It focuses on the marble found at Bhedaghat. Idols of Gods, carved panels, decorative items and utensils are made in this handicraft. This handicraft is mainly exported to France, Australia and America.


Handloom sarees made in Waraseoni, Balaghat


Made in intricate patterns of stripes and checks, these light and fine sarees are known for their simplicity. Waraseoni sarees are known for their simplistic beauty and grace, much like the town, that holds a long history of handloom sarees.


Batik Printing of Ujjain

Batik Printing is one among the various kinds of prints, and is much known in the Ujjain city. Bed sheets, dress materials and more contain this kind of prints. Batik craftsmen create artistic patterns and motifs using wax in the dye process. Batik is a combination of art, as there is a free moment of the hand while working on the patterns which are artistically done.

GI applications for tribal dolls, Pithora paintings, wooden masks, baskets with lids, and chikara musical instruments from the state are under consideration.

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