23 Apr 2023

Male Namibian Cheetah Oban Brought Back To Kuno

Sheopur (Madhya Pradesh): Male Namibian cheetah Oban, who escaped from the Kuno National Park and was moving towards the Uttar Pradesh border, was rescued and brought back.

The cheetahs, particularly Oban, have escaped several times from Kuno in the past and spotted in rural populated areas of Sheopur.

On Saturday, Oban was spotted in the Karaira tehsil, under the Shivpuri district. From there, he was heading towards the Uttar Pradesh border.

The monitoring team informed the senior officials and experts. After this a team of experts and officials of the national park, conducted a joint rescue operation. Oban was tranquillized and brought back to Kuno.

Oban was moving towards UP border

According to Prakash Kumar Verma, the DFO of Kuno Forest Zoological Division Oban had left the Madhav National Park and moving towards the Uttar Pradesh border from Karaira. There was no forest where Oban was moving, and he was tranquillized in the Karaira area around 5.30 pm. He was then brought back to Kuno.

Earlier on April 7 also, the team of the Forest Department rescued Oban from the Bairad area of Shivpuri district and brought it to Kuno. He was released in the Palpur area of Kuno.

Again on April 16, Oban left Kuno and moved through the forests of the Bairad area of Shivpuri and reached the Madhav National Park. And since then he was living there only.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the eight cheetahs brought from Namibia at Kuno National Park on September 17, last year.

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