23 Apr 2023

Stir in Nitish Government Following Mayawati's Entry In Bihar

PATNA: Bihar's muscleman Anand Mohan Singh has been in headlines for the past several days. The Nitish government of the state changed the rules and cleared the way to get him out of jail. BSP chief Mayawati is infuriated with this decision of Nitish. She created a stir in the politics of Bihar by tweeting expressing her resentment. It is being said that many ministers of the state are also restless regarding this matter. There is a possibility that discussions should also be held with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in this regard.

Many Dalit class leaders have found a place in Bihar's cabinet. They have got the post of minister only because of their Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes status. The way Mayawati has raised the matter, it can also create problems for the leaders doing politics of Dalits.

The BSP chief has written in her tweet that the IAS who was brutally murdered in Gopalganj comes from the Dalit community. It is an insult to Dalits to change the rules for Anand Mohan Singh, who is serving a sentence in his murder case, and to clear the way for him to come out of jail. In two separate tweets, she has clearly said that Dalits will not tolerate such humiliation.

There are about 17 percent Dalits in Bihar

If we talk about the role of Dalits in the politics of Bihar, then it is not easy to ignore them. If Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are combined, then their vote bank is around 17 percent. In such a situation, angering such an important section will not be a profitable deal for the Nitish government of Bihar.

It is believed that on the one hand, the mafias are being destroyed in Uttar Pradesh and on the other hand, the Nitish government is determined to change the rules to get the musclemen out of jail. 

Mayawati said in her first tweet that 'Anand Mohan can be released by changing the rules in the case of the brutal murder of G Krishnaiah, a very honest IAS officer from the poor Dalit community living in Mahbubnagar, Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana).'

'Decision of Bihar govt shows real face of Nitish' 

In a couple of tweets on Sunday, Mayawati alleged that 'Nitish government of Bihar has made plans to release mafia Anand Mohan, who is jailed in Krishnaiah's murder case, by changing the rules.'

She said: "This decision of the Bihar government shows the real face of Nitish Kumar and the Bihar government's anti-Dalit attitude."

The BSP president said that Anand Mohan had been the compulsion of many governments in Bihar in the past but the anti-Dalit and pro-criminal work of the Nitish government in the case of the murder of the then DM Krishnaiah of Gopalganj has created a lot of anger in the Dalit society across the country.

She demanded that even if there is some compulsion, the Bihar government must re-consider the decision.

Bihar govt changed the rules like this

Bihar Nitish government has cleared the way to get Anand Mohan Singh out of jail by making changes in the jail manual. Now in Bihar, the accused who has been convicted of killing a government official can be released if his conduct is good in jail. BSP supremo Mayawati has demanded to consider the change of this rule once again. 

Former JDU MP Anand Mohan Singh is a muscleman and is serving life imprisonment for the murder of the then DM of Gopalganj G Krishnaiah. He is currently out on parole and is busy preparing for his son's wedding. Political contacts are also continuously increasing on the pretext of inviting.

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