23 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Big Cats Raise Worries; Tigress Hunts Calf In Bhopal's Bull Mother Farm; Tiger Enters Khargone’s Barwaha


Bhopal: Tigers of Madhya Pradesh are now moving towards cities. The movement of tigress BT 123 and her five-month-old cubs in Bhopal’s Bull Mother Farm has led to panic among residents. This tigress has hunted a calf worth Rs 1 lakh here. On the other hand, in separate incident in the state that depicts the increasing man-wildlife conflict, an injured tiger has entered Barwaha town of Khargone  

The tigress in Bull Mother Farm pulled a calf weighing more than 70 kg from the net and took it to the top of the hill. The forest staff is in the farm to prevent anyone from going near the tigress. The forest staff has also captured the photo of the tigress standing on the hill on their mobile.

Roar of tigress echoing in entire area 

There is an atmosphere of panic among the employees of Bull Mother Farm. They say that the roar of the tigress is echoing in the entire area. She has been spotted on the hill for the last two days.

Workers are not going to work on the farm out of fear. At the same time, all the cattle have been kept in the enclosure, yet there is a fear that the tigress may cross the enclosure and attack them.

Alok Pathak, DFO, Bhopal Forest Division said that it has been revealed that the cost of the calf she hunted was one lakh rupees. Pathak said that the process of giving compensation is being done after registering the case. Two days ago also the tigress had hunted here.

Forest officials told that there are many caves on the hill above Mother Bull Farm where wild animals use them for breeding. In one of these caves, the tigress has given birth to cubs that are now roaming with her. If she senses any danger, she takes the cubs to their birth place for safety.

Injured tiger enters Khargone’s Barwaha town

In a separate incident, an injured tiger has entered Barwaha town of Khargone. Forest officials said the big cat would be rescued by the forest staff.

Tigers of MP are now moving towards cities. For the first time on April 11, a tiger entered the forests adjacent to Barwaha town of Khargone district. But, due to the deep wound on the back, the injured tiger has increased the concern of the forest department. Actually, hunters have been active in this area in the past. Along with this, cases of poaching and smuggling of leopards have also come to the fore.


Team of Satpura Tiger Reserve in Barwaha

The team of Satpura Tiger Reserve also reached Barwahaa on Sunday morning. Tiger will be rescued here.

Big cat may have strayed from Kheoni Sanctuary

Forest Department officials said that the tiger may have reached Barwaha forests from Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary in Dewas district. The distance from Kheoni to Barwaha is also about 100 kms. Tigers can easily cover this distance in two-three days. Wildlife expert Ajay Dubey had informed the forest department about the tiger's injury. He said that no concrete steps were taken even after the arrival of tigers in Khargone for the last three days.

NTCA asks officials to take action


Wildlife expert Ajay Dubey sent a letter to the National Tiger Conservation Authority. Information about the tiger's injury was also given. After the information, NTCA directed the officers of the state to take immediate action. According to forest department officials, the rescue team has been active in the forest since morning.

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