23 Apr 2023

Another Cheetah Dies In Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park


Sheopur: Another cheetah Uday brought from abroad has died in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park. The cheetah that has died this time is Uday, who was brought to Kuno from South Africa. Earlier, a female cheetah brought from Namibia had died.

Cheetah Uday died at 4 pm on Sunday. The forest department team saw in the morning that he was not well. After this, he was tranquilized and brought to the medical center but he died at 4 pm.

Uday was a South African cheetah and was brought to Kuno on 18 February this year along with 11 other cheetahs. Veterinary team will do postmortem of Uday's body on Monday. Veterinary experts from Bhopal and Jabalpur have been sent to Kuno for postmortem. Videography and photography of the entire postmortem will be done.

This is the second death of cheetahs in Kuno. 20 cheetahs were brought to Kuno National Park from Namibia and South Africa, of which 18 are now left.


African Cheetahs released into large enclosure 


Out of 12 cheetahs brought to Kuno from South Africa on February 18, three male cheetahs were released from the quarantine enclosure to the larger enclosure on April 17. And on April 18 and April 19, the remaining 9 cheetahs were also released in the big enclosure of Kuno.

The cheetahs released in the big enclosure were hunting there themselves. There are plenty of chitals, jackals, rabbits, deer and other wild animals in the large enclosure. The Cheetah project is progressing in a phased manner. 


Namibian cheetahs have been successfully reintroduced in Kuno Park. Presently four cheetahs have been released in the open forest. The remaining Namibian cheetahs are present in the big enclosure.

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