14 Apr 2023

Rajasthan Congress Crisis: Randhawa Softens Stance On Sachin Pilot After Meeting Rahul Gandhi and Kharge; How Party Will Resolve Impasse?

Jaipur: Rajasthan State in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa had taken a tough stance for the last three days regarding the Sachin Pilot case. But now there has been a change in him. Earlier, Randhwa had issued a statement on the night before Pilot's fast calling it anti-party activity. 


The next day, after the fast, Pilot targeted only the BJP and questioned the corruption of the BJP rule itself.

Randhawa said after Pilot's fast that Rajasthan will not be allowed to become Punjab and now action will be taken. Whatever happened before me, action should have been taken many times but it will be taken now. Randhawa's attitude is no longer the same as before. Randhawa is now talking about taking a decision in consultation with senior leaders and he is saying that it will take time.

Handle this issue sensitively and carefully: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have intervened in Sachin Pilot's case. In-charge Sukhjinder Randhawa and organization general secretary KC Venugopal discussed Rajasthan issue with with Rahul Gandhi. Gandhi has reportedly advised both the leaders to handle the matter of Rajasthan very carefully and sensitively. Priyanka Gandhi was lobbying for Pilot from the beginning.


Pilot to undertake field visits


After the controversy, now Sachin Pilot is preparing to begin start field visits. The schedule of Sachin Pilot's field visits has been fixed from April 17. On April 17, Pilot will attend a programme of Parmanand Dham at Khori in Shahpura. Pilot will then unveil the martyr's statue at Tiba Basai village in Khetri. Pilot will also hold a meeting here. 


After this, the programmes of the meetings in other districts are also being finalized. Pro-Pilot leaders are busy preparing for meetings. There is also a political meaning to Pilot holding a meeting in the field.


Through these meetings, Pilot will give signals to the supporters and the public about the political line ahead. The issue of tussle between Pilot and CM Gehlot's camps still remains. In the election year, the Congress high command is also brainstorming on a formula to reduce this tussle. The gulf between the two leaders has deepened with the latest episode.

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