12 Apr 2023

UP Municipal Election: Mayawati's Move Backfired, BSP Entangled In Political Trap




Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party had announced the nomination of Shaista Parveen, wife of mafia Atiq Ahmed, as the mayor's candidate. When the political equations and the displeasure of others came to the fore, the BSP did not delay in reversing its decision. But the harm has already been done and it is not easy to overcome it.


Mayawati has now announced that the BSP will not field Shaista Parveen, wife of jailed gangster Atiq Ahmed, or any other member of her family as a candidate for the Prayagraj mayor's post in the urban local body elections in UP. Now it is believed that this is a big dent for the BSP. Compensation for which will not be so easy.

Mayawati gave this reason for taking U-turn


BSP chief Mayawati had talked about giving mayor ticket to Shaista Parveen from Prayagraj. During that time she was asked that she is the wife of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, even after this BSP is trusting her. Then the BSP supremo had said that Shaista is not a criminal, so what is the problem in giving her the ticket. 


But now the situation is that BSP is not ready to give ticket to anyone in Atiq's entire family. Caste vote bank is behind this decision of BSP. In view of the displeasure of other sections, the BSP had to take a U-turn.

Why the decision was withdrawn


The BSP said the decision was changed because Shaista's name appeared in the Umesh Pal murder case and she is absconding. Although this may be a legal hurdle, but on the other hand it is believed that one reason is that the Dalit vote bank could also be affected by such a decision. That's why Mayawati does not want to take the risk.

Hinduist Dalits can be angry


There are many Dalits who are inspired by Hinduist thought. They may have been with the BSP in the elections, but they does not like those who are against Hindutva. In such a situation, Mayawati would not want to take the risk of their displeasure.

Trying to appease Dalit Muslims


Bahujan Samaj Party is trying to appease Dalits and Muslims. In the midst of an attempt to bet on the big leaders of both the classes, preparations are on to win the support of the youths.

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