25 Apr 2023

What Is There In Tarek Fatah's Video That It Is Going Viral Even Today?


Renowned writer and Pakistani journalist Tarek Fatah is the personality Pakistan is unable to accept even today. Tarek was outspoken and told the truth. All that he said was logical. In his own style, he refuted those who advocated Pakistan. Tarek, who loved India very much, is no more in this world. But even today his impeccable style videos are going viral very fast.

Had supported the demolition of the disputed structure

When the disputed structure was demolished in Ayodhya, many private TV channels took feedback from him. He openly supported the demolition of the structure without any strings attached. He had said that a person who came from outside built a mosque in place of a temple and went away, just like someone came to your house, went away with TV, fridge and all the things. While leaving, it was also said that our generations will live here for hundreds of years. What is this thing? If the disputed structure is razed then where is the problem, India does not need to be defensive in this matter at all.

Temple should have been built by Muslims


Tarek had said in an interview given to a private TV channel that the disputed structure has been demolished. Now the temple is being built on the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court. Muslims should have built the temple with their own hands hundreds of years ago. 


He said that whoever came to India left after looting the people of this place. Something like this has been going on for the last one thousand years. Some take away Goa and some burn lakhs of books in Nalanda University. In such a situation, how can it be said that the demolition of Babri Masjid was an attack on any religion. It was not an attack on religion. Rather it was a non-Islamic mosque which was demolished. This noble deed should have been done years ago.

Breathed his last in Canada


Tarek Fatah, who was born on the soil of Pakistan, passed away recently in Canada after a prolonged illness. His daughter Natasha Fatah also shared pictures of her father on social media. She had written that the lion of Punjab, the son of India and the true speaker who loved Canada is no more in this world. Fatah, a fighter for justice and a voice for the rights of the downtrodden and the oppressed, has passed away.

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