2 Apr 2023

World Autism Awareness Day 2023 Today: Autism Cases On Rise Due To Increased Screen Time Post Covid, Says Expert

INDORE: Autism is a disease afflicting children. In this, the child's speaking, understanding, social interactions remain quite different from other children.
They look like normal children but these children will not answer anything. Won't talk by making eye contact. They remain engrossed in themselves.


After Covid, a lot of jump has been seen in this disease in children. Since this is a behavioral and mental problem of children, parents hide about this disease. Due to lack of timely treatment, this disease turns into mental disability in children.

This was stated by Dr Subhash Garg, Clinical Occupational Therapist and Head of Department, Aurobindo Hospital in I. He was discussing about the disease on World Autism Awareness Day. World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on 2 April. To increase awareness in the society about the disease, he shared information related to it. 


Dr Garg told that after Corona, the screen time of children has increased, that is, mobile and TV are being used more, so the cases of this disease have also increased. This disease can be treated but only when the right treatment is given at the right time.


Dr. Garg told that the cause of this disease is not yet clear as to why it occurs. Its symptoms start appearing after the age of one and a half years. The child suffering from this does not learn to speak or speaks less. Early detection of this disease can be done only by speaking and behaviour. The child mostly remains lost in him or does only those things which he likes. 


Dr Garg said the child doesn't even pay attention to his parents or listens to them. After the diagnosis of the disease, its treatment is possible if the child gets systematic treatment till the age of 8-10 years. Otherwise there may be mental disability in future.


Dr Garg told that its treatment is also cheap because more therapy is given during treatment than medicines. For its treatment, the help of neuro-paediatrician, occupational therapy (mental therapy), behavioral therapy and some other treatments including speech therapy is taken. It doesn’t cost much. However, there is a shortage of its doctors in the country.


It is necessary to have awareness about autism. Misconceptions have spread in the society regarding this, due to which there is a hindrance in timely identification and prevention. Such as telling the improper behavior of the child as the reason for the lack of upbringing by the mother, any evil spirit being an obstacle, hiding the child's problem by the family, etc. Its prevention is possible only by identifying autism in time.


Dr Garg said the child may be a little different from others, so take care of him and bond with him. Be ready to adjust with the changing needs of the child. Don't force your words on him. The child should be provided occupational and speech therapy. Take care of the child's nutrition as well, give him diet rich in Omega 3, Vitamin D, DHA. 


Dr Garg said give mobile to the child for as little time as possible. Keep noting the behavior and habit of the child; this will help in training him. Do not use the word no with the child. Do not compare him/her with normal child and other children in the house. Do not leave the child alone. Spend quality time with him. Do not lose patience with the child. Don't be stressed and concentrate your efforts.

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