30 May 2023

Did Olympic Wrestlers Lose Even After Winning? Bajrang Punia Expresses Pain

New Delhi: Many well-known wrestlers of the country have won medals in Olympics and made the country proud. But when these wrestlers fought for their rights they started feeling that they had been defeated. Perhaps this is the reason that in protest against the harassment of sportspersons, the wrestlers decided to flow their medals in the Ganges in Haridwar. This information has been shared by player Bajrang Punia on his Twitter account.


Punia has written that everyone saw what happened on May 28 as well. The police brutalized us and arrested us. An FIR was registered against us. Is it a crime to speak and demonstrate peacefully? The question is not just of registering the case. Have women wrestlers committed any crime by demanding justice for the sexual harassment that they faced.


We feel why we won these medals at all: TPunia said the police and machinery are treating us like criminals, while the oppressor is even openly talking about changing the POCSO Act. Women wrestlers are feeling from inside that we have nothing left in this country. We are remembering those moments when we won medals in Olympics, World Championships. We feel why we won these medals at all.

Whom should we return medals? Punia wrote that the question came in my mind that to whom I should return the medals. To our President, who herself is a woman. I felt no, because she was sitting just two kilometers away from us, just kept watching, but did not say anything. To our Prime Minister, who used to call us daughters of his home. But the heart did not agree to this, because he did not take care of the daughters of his house even once, but invited our oppressor in the inauguration of the new parliament. 

We are going to float these medals in the Ganges: Punia wrote we are going to float these medals in the Ganges because she is the Mother Ganges. We consider Ganga sacred and in the same way we had won these medals with sacredness by working hard. These medals are sacred for the whole nation and the right place to keep the sacred medal can be the holy Mother Ganga.

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