9 May 2023

Female cheetah Daksha dies in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno Park; was probably injured during mating attempt


Sheopur: A female cheetah Daksha released from South Africa in Kuno National Park, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, was found fatally injured by the monitoring team on May 9 at 10:45 am. Treatment was done by the veterinarians but the cheetah died tragically at 12.00 noon the same day.


Officials said prima facie, the wounds found on the female cheetah Daksha seem to have been caused by a violent interaction with the male, during the courtship/ mating attempt. Such violent behaviours by male coalition cheetahs towards female cheetahs during mating are common. In such a situation, the chances of intervention by the monitoring team are almost non-existent and practically impossible.

The autopsy of the dead female cheetah (Daksha) is being carried out by the veterinary team as per the protocol, officials said.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Jasveer Singh Chauhan said that experts had decided to mate Cheetah male coalition Agni and Vayu from South Africa with female Cheetah Daksha in enclosure number 7.  As a result, the gate between enclosure number 7 and 1 was opened on May 1. Cheetah Male Coalition entered from enclosure number 7 to enclosure number 1 on 6th May. After this, the enclosure number one was inspected by the monitoring team on 7th and 8th May, then the female cheetah was found healthy.


With this total of 3 cheetahs have died in the Kuno Park, which has increased anxiety among the wildlife experts and disappointed wildlife lovers. Two cheetahs, including a male and a female, have died in the past. In a positive development, four cheetah cubs were born in Kuno. 

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