9 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Both Congress, BJP Vying For Share Of Women's Vote; Kamal Nath Launches Nari Samman Yojana; 'Bahna Vs Nari' Before Election

Bhopal: In any state, any scheme is initiated by the government. But what would you say if the Opposition starts a scheme. A similar wonder is unfolding in Madhya Pradesh. This is an election year for Madhya Pradesh. Assembly elections are to be held in October-November. Anything can happen in elections. 


In the election year, strange announcements are being heard here every day. The number of women voters in Madhya Pradesh has increased this time as compared to the last election of 2018. This is the reason why both Congress and BJP parties are eyeing half of the population. Schemes are being made keeping women in mind. New schemes are being announced every day.


Congress has launched 'Nari Samman Yojana' in MP. Kamal Nath launched this scheme from his home district Chhindwara. Announcing the Nari Samman Yojana in Chhindwara's Parasia. Kamal Nath and his MP son Nakul Nath launched the scheme by getting two women to fill the form.

Scheme would prove a milestone for women power: Priya Nath

The special thing is that Kamal Nath's daughter-in-law MP Nakulnath's wife Priya Nath was invited to deliver the first speech on the occasion. Priya Nath said that this scheme would prove to be a milestone for women power. She said that for the first time in my life, I have started addressing a gathering with the Nari Samman Yojana.

Gas cylinder will be made available for Rs 500: Nath


Kamal Nath said that in this scheme every woman will be given Rs 1500 a month. Apart from this gas cylinder will be made available for Rs 500. He said that BJP has only 5 months left; in the meanwhile they can do as much corruption as they want, after that our government will be formed and we will come up with more schemes for the welfare of the people. Kamal Nath said that Shivraj ji now only 5 months are left, after that the people of the state will see you off and the Congress government will come in the state.

Every section is troubled in MP: Nath


Kamal Nath said that every section is troubled in Madhya Pradesh, whether it is a farmer, a youth or a homemaker. When we made a plan to start this scheme, I first started from Chhindwara because my political career also started from here. Today the people of the state are not with BJP.

BJP's women leaders mock Nath’s Nari Samman Yojana


However, women BJP leaders have mocked the Congress campaign, Nari Shakti, by describing it as yet another ploy of Congress to deceive women.

BJP spokesperson and ex-minister Archana Chitnis, former minister Ranjana Baghel and chairperson of MP Laghu Udyog Nigam Imarti Devi said that when Congress was in power, Kamal Nath had stopped women’s welfare schemes. “Now, how one can expect Congress leaders to do welfare of women,” they said.


They said state Congress president Kamal Nath had promised farm loan waiver and left them indebted. “Now, Congress is trying to deceive the naïve women,” BJP leaders stated.

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