6 May 2023

How Sharad Pawar Prevented Possible Split In NCP; What Message This Episode Sent; Ajit Pawar Also Welcomes Withdrawal Of Resignation

Mumbai: Nationalist Congress Party president Sharad Pawar, who withdrew his decision to quit as party chief on Friday, also rejected speculations of a rift in the party.

Sharad Pawar's bid to quit has sent a clear message in the past three days that any dissenters will lose the cadre's support, voter base, and eventually their political deposit if any kind of rebellion is engineered against the party supremo.

Sharad Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar is considered a big leader of NCP.  Ajit Pawar was with him when Sharad Pawar had announced to quit the post of party president . He suddenly surprised everyone by openly welcoming Sharad Pawar's decision to step down as party president. 

But on Friday when Sharad Pawar called a press conference to announce the withdrawal of his resignation Ajit Pawar was not by his side. 

'Do not read too much into Ajit's absence'

Now the absence of Ajit Pawar on such an important occasion became a matter of discussion. When reporters asked Sharad Pawar about Ajit Pawar's absence, he said in a very serious voice, 'not all people can be at all places', and asked media not to read too much into his nephew not being present. 

"Others are here. Committee took this decision and after their decision, I took my decision back. All are united and discussed this. Senior leaders are there in the committee," Pawar said.

On the absence of Ajit Pawar, Maharashtra NCP chief Jayant Patil said, "Ajit Pawar was there to urge him (Sharad Pawar) to withdraw the resignation. He was there even when we visited Pawar saheb's residence after the decision was taken at the party office."

Ajit was isolated in party after announcement of resignation

It is believed that behind the episode of Sharad Pawar's resignation and later its withdrawal, speculation about Ajit Pawar leaving NCP and joining BJP was the main reason. But after the resignation of Sharad Pawar, Ajit was completely alone in his own party. Because the whole party was once again seen standing with Sharad Pawar. Even the MLAs who were supposed to join BJP along with Ajit felt isolated.

The MLAs who were eager to go with Ajit also understood the message that if they left the party for Ajit Pawar, it would be difficult for them to get re-elected. Because, then the NCP's pro-voters will see them as a villain instead of a hero and they will be accused of hurting Sharad Pawar in his old age.

Why Ajit later welcomed withdrawal of resignation

So Ajit Pawar later downplayed his absence at Sharad Pawar's press briefing. Ajit welcomed the decision of his uncle Sharad Pawar to continue as the national president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Ajit said that Sharad Pawar's decision would encourage every NCP worker "including me". This will strengthen the unity of NCP, Maha Vikas Aghadi and opposition parties in the country. He insisted that Pawar should continue as the National President of the NCP. The party's president selection committee rejected Pawar's decision to retire.

He said, "Mr Pawar has decided to continue as the national president because of the request of all of us. We all should take more responsibility, work together with more enthusiasm and strengthen the NCP." 

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