10 May 2023

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023: Exit Polls Show Possibility Of Hung House; See Which Party Will Emerge As Biggest

Bengaluru: Voting has been completed on 224 seats in Karnataka. A total of 65.69 percent votes were cast. Result will be announced on May 13. But before that exit polls have been declared.


Exit polls for Karnataka's 224-member assembly on Wednesday showed a close fight between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition Congress, with the Janata Dal (S) playing a key role.

Exit polls from five agencies circulated just after polling showed no major wave trends in favor of any party and while two exit polls showed the BJP close to a working majority, one showed the Congress crossing the majority mark. These surveys have predicted 79 to 117 seats for the BJP, 86 to 118 for the Congress and 14 to 33 for the Janata Dal-S.

Congress and BJP leaders have claimed a big victory for their respective parties in different statements. The counting of votes will take place on May 13. Around 66 per cent voters are reported to have exercised their franchise till last reports came in.

The exit polls that have come so far show the possibility of a hung assembly in Karnataka. The Congress seems to be the single largest party, but a few seats short of a majority. BJP is at number two and JDS at number three in all the three polls.

This is the result of 3 exit polls. Just wait for two days, the results will come on 13th May. 113 MLAs are needed to form the government.

India TV-CNX: No clear majority


According to the poll, Congress can become the single largest party with 105 seats. BJP can win 85 and JDS 32 seats. Means no one has majority. The survey was done on 6 May. In this, opinion of 11 thousand 200 people for 112 seats was taken.

ABP News-C Voter: Congress government


In the survey, Congress is expected to get 110 to 122 seats, BJP 73 to 85 and JDS 21 to 29 seats. Means the government of Congress is likely to form. There is feedback of 73 thousand people in the survey. 44% of the people voted for the Congress, while 32% predicted the formation of the BJP government. 31% people said unemployment as the biggest issue.

Republic TV-P MARQ: Hung House


The Republic TV-P MARQ has predicted that the state's ruling BJP will win 85-100 of the 224 assembly seats, the Congress will win 94-108 and the JD(S) 24-32 seats. 

 TV 9-Bharatvansh-Polstrat: Hung Assembly


The TV 9-Bharatvansh-Polstrat predicted 88-98 seats for the BJP, 99-109 seats for the Congress and 21-26 seats for the JD(S).

Zee News-Matrix: BJP Government


In the survey, BJP is expected to get 103 to 118 seats, Congress 82 to 97 and JDS 28 to 33 seats. This is the largest opinion poll in terms of sample size. In this, 3 lakh 36 thousand people were questioned on 224 seats. Opinion of 1500 people was obtained on every assembly seat.


The Suvarna News-Jan Ki Baat has given an edge to the BJP, predicting the win between 94 and 117 seats. The Congress, it said, will get 91-106 seats and the JD(S) 14-24 seats.

All the figures are from the agencies involved in the survey.

Regarding Congress promise to ban Bajrang Dal, 44% people said this issue has resulted in loss to Congress in the Zee News-Matrix survey. 44% people said that this will cause loss to the Congress. 22% said it would be beneficial and 19% said it would not make any difference.

Exit polls proved right in 2018


In 2018, 4 out of 6 big exit polls declared BJP as the single largest party. This proved correct. BJP became the single largest party by winning 104 out of 224 seats. But Congress and JDS together formed the government. Karnataka saw 2 governments and 3 chief ministers in 5 years.

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