29 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How CM Shivraj Reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s Claim That Congress Will Win 150 Seats In State


Bhopal:  Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said Congress is daydreaming after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that his party will win 150 seats in the upcoming state assembly elections.
“Unko khayali pulao pakaane hai toh pakaate rahe,” the chief minister said.

Speaking to the media on Monday, CM Chouhan said, “Dil ke bahlane ko baba khayal accha hai (It's a good idea to keep yourself amused). Unko khayali pulao pakaane hai toh pakaate rahe.” (Let them continue to daydreaming).

He asserted that BJP will win 200 seats in the 230 assembly.

Notably, Madhya Pradesh Congress leaders had a meeting with Rahul Gandhi at AICC headquarters in New Delhi on Monday regarding poll preparedness.

Party would continue its winning streak: Rahul

In the meeting, Rahul Gandhi exuded confidence that the party will win 150 seats in the forthcoming assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking to the media, he averred the party would continue its winning streak in Madhya Pradesh after emerging victorious in Karnataka.

Gandhi, along with Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, held a meeting of top party leaders from Madhya Pradesh, where all state leaders stressed on unity within the party.

Former chief minister and Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath and AICC in-charge P Aggarwal was among those present during the meeting. "We had a lengthy discussion. In Madhya Pradesh, we are going to get 150 seats. What we did in Karnataka we are going to repeat that in Madhya Pradesh," Gandhi told reporters after the meeting.

Aggarwal said all leaders gave their inputs for the upcoming assembly elections. "Everyone felt that all leaders should contest the elections unitedly and help the party win in the state," Aggarwal said, giving details of the meeting in which Gandhi, Kharge and K C Venugopal were present.

We will enter the poll fray unitedly: Nath

Nath said, "We all discussed the strategy and the issues on which the party should contest these polls. We are all of the opinion that we will enter the poll fray unitedly".

Noting that over four months are left for the polls, he said it was a very important meeting in which all senior leaders were present. Asked if Congress would give guarantees like it did in Karnataka, Nath said a beginning has been made in Madhya Pradesh with the 'Nari Samman Yojna'.

"We have done some and some will be announced in the future. We can't fire all the bullets in one go," Nath said.

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